Oscar happened

I stayed up too late watching the Oscars and post-Oscar events (and live blogging it) that I do not have a proper post for you today.  We will be back to our normal posting selves tomorrow.

Since we’re not talking books today, did any of watch? What did you think? Did any of your favorites win?

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5 Responses to Oscar happened

  1. Kimberly says:

    I was watching . . . I came in first in my office pool last year. This year’s winner has yet to be announced . . . !

  2. izzybella says:

    I watched for a while and then fell asleep around 10:00 central. I am lame.

  3. Heather says:

    I don’t get a TV signal where I live and I too cheap for satellite so….I just waited impatiently online to see the results. I was hoping for Natalie Portman. She was amazing in Black Swan and totally deserved it! I’ve got the other nominees on my Netflix list!

  4. Margot says:

    Watching the Oscars is a big highlight for a movie buff like me. I have watched it since I bought my own TV in the early 60’s. I love seeing all my favorites dressed up and in a happy party mood. I must say that it’s much better to watch the show on the Pacific time zone than Eastern.

    Last night’s show was fun to watch. I thought Anne Hathaway was terrific as the emcee. James Franco was great to look at but that’s about it. I really wanted Colin Firth and The King’s Speech to win so I’m happy with the results.

  5. I didn’t watch the ceremony, but I was absolutely delighted that The King’s Speech did so well. Colin Firth was amazing, as were all of the cast. I still haven’t gotten to The Black Swan yet, but it’s in my TBW list.

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