Come Chat With The Quirky Girls

Quirky Girls Read has now been posting for just over a month. Wow – that went by fast! We do our best here to let you know our individual personalities within the world of a shared love of books. Some of that comes through in the books we select for reviews. Other times we are able to personalize responses to meme prompts. Our Contributors Page gives you a quick overview of what we are about. But the best way we have to convey the people we are behind the blog is through our comment discussions.

In case you weren’t aware, when you leave a comment for any one of us here, we do our best to respond to it right there in order to have as close to a public conversation as possible and let other readers see what is being said and add to it if they like. My one complaint about the blogosphere is that it does not easily lend itself to conversation.

Which is why every month I host a live chat on my personal blog – The Bumbles Blog. The topics change from month to month and the next month’s topic is always set by the current month’s participants. This month’s chat will be held this Friday, 03/18, at 8:30PM ET and it will give participants an opportunity to meet and chat in realtime with all of the Quirky Girls.

Myself, Faith, Izzy, Margot and Jehara will all be there to say hello, express ourselves to you, have conversations about anything you’d like to discuss and maybe even solicit some brainstorming ideas for how to make our group book blog here the best place possible for you to visit. We also will be sharing some or our favorite quirky reads and encourage you to come with one of your favorites in mind so we can add to our To Read pile.

You don’t need anything special to participate in the chat. Just the ability to type along whenever you have something you want to say. You can create a free account with the Chatroll service, log in with your Facebook account, or just sign in as a Guest. You can pop in and out whenever you like, for as long as you like, between 8:30 – 10:00PM ET. If you would like an e-mail reminder the day before, let me know in a comment below. Visit this link when you are ready to join the chat.

We look forward to this little Meet & Greet. Hopefully you will enjoy getting to know all of the Quirky Girls, learn about a new book or two, and meet some new-to-you bloggers along the way. See you on Friday!


About thebumbles

In addition to online Freelance Writing, Molly blogs about books on Quirky Girls Read and about everything else on The Bumbles Blog. Visit her often and let her know what you think! Unless you are a Yankee fan - then there might be a problem ;0)
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4 Responses to Come Chat With The Quirky Girls

  1. mwk says:

    Bummer, I’ll be visiting a friend for the weekend so won’t be able to participate. I hope y’all have fun!

  2. Margot says:

    Chatting with friends is a great thing to do on a Friday night. I’m looking forward to it. Come by and say hello.

  3. jehara says:

    I ❤ bumble chats! I like connecting with bloggers in real time. I am looking forward to it!

  4. I’m not normally much for chatting, but I’m looking forward to this.

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