Weekly Geeks: it’s all about books

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This week’s prompt is a free for all. Tell us ten things about you and books! The Quirky Girls have quite a few things to say on the subject.


1. I usually have three books going at once.  One in my car (audio), one on my Nook, which I generally keep with me at all times just in case a reading opportunity should suddenly present itself, and one on my nightstand for reading before I go to sleep.
2. I have a very strict 100-page rule.  If a book has not grabbed me by 100 pages, I’m done. 
3. If a book I’m reading has terrible grammatical and spelling errors, I won’t be able to finish it even if I do happen to find the subject matter interesting.  This is because I spend half the time I could be spending sucked into the story mentally correcting the errors.  If I’m really interested but can’t finish the book due to errors, I will google the book and spoil the ending so I know what happened.
4. If I like a book, I will re-read it A LOT.  I almost always find something I missed on the first, second, or even third go-round.
5. I re-read Pride and Prejudice, the Harry Potter Series, all of L.M. Montgomery’s books, and Agatha Christie’s “The Man In the Brown Suit” at least once a year, every year.
6. The only thing I don’t like about my Nook is how time-consuming it is to look ahead a couple of chapters to see if my favorite character is doing okay.  This is why I do not read mysteries or suspense on the Nook.  I realize this makes me a great big cheating cheater who cheats too much.
7. I love audio books.  I “read” them during my work commute and they make me way less grumpy when I’m stuck in traffic.  Audio books also make some books easier to read.  For example, I finally made it through the LotR trilogy on audiobook.  All those parts that were long and wordy and annoying when I was trying to read them (I’m looking at you, Tom Bombadil) were actually quite interesting when performed by a competent actor.  But I will only “read” unabridged editions.  Abridged audio books are just a dumb waste of money.
8.  I like to mentally cast books as I read them.  I usually picture actors in the role, but recently a character made me think of one of my close friends and then I couldn’t not think of her every time she showed up in the story.  It made the story more interesting in a way, as I know that friend pretty well-suddenly the character was quite well-rounded!!
9. I will absolutely read a book based on a recommendation from one of my booky friends, even if previously I’d already decided to give that one a pass. 
10. I spend more money on books than I do on clothes, CDs, and movies combined.  🙂


1. My favorite reading position is on my back, but it becomes a dangerous practice when I’m reading a hardback when I’m sleepy.

2. I usually read five or six books at a time and that’s just on my Kindle. It makes me feel rich.

3. An afternoon at the library is one of my favorite treats.

4. I can be easily seduced by colorful book covers and the summary inside the jacket.

5. I love audiobooks, but I miss the old books on tape – the old cassette tape type. On those I could make it go super fast and still listen to the book.

6. The big test for me on fiction is the characters. They have to be believable.

7.  My Kindle is a my favorite toy. I love ordering books on my laptop and timing how fast it shows up on my Kindle.

 8. The book I’ve read and reread the most since I was nine or ten is Little Women.

9. I honestly love to give away books, primarily because I love to share the experience.

10. When I travel, I consider local bookstores one of the tourist attractions.


1. Spoilers should never be found on the book’s jacket flap.

2. My To Read list is compiled almost exclusively from book blogger suggestions and reviews.

3. 90% of what I read is borrowed from the library or someone I know.

4. When I do buy something it is almost always used.

5. I always finish what I’ve started.

6. Except for On The Road.  I despised the first half of that book.

7. I read about 5 hours a week.

8. Most of that reading takes place at the gym.

9. I need to read printed words.  It is hard for me to stay focused with audio books.

10. I believe everyone should try one Classic each year to keep ties to today’s writers’ roots.


1. I always have a book with me. That way if I happen to have a free moment, I can squeeze in another moment of reading. If for some reason I don’t have one on me, I feel a little naked. And a bit panicky.

2. When I was a kid, I would sneak-read books under my desk.

3. In high school I loved finals week because that meant big fat chunks of reading time for me. I’d have two finals a day with two and a half hours allotted for each. It only took me half an hour to finish my final. (We couldn’t just leave after we were done like you can in college.)

4. I prefer trade paperbacks. I tend to get a little upset if I mess up hardbacks, which is kind of inevitable.

5. However, I do enjoy hardbacks. They are so pretty and look so studious on the shelf. If I do read one, I keep the cover off while reading it. (A trick I learned from a friend.)

6. I am not be a bookmark person. Not because I hated them or anything, but I could never keep track of them. Bookmarks are quite easy to lose. Thus I’ve always dog-eared my books. The horrors! I know.

7. However, I have amassed a great stash of lovely and unique bookmarks because bookmarks are great gifts for the reader types. In the last year year I’ve somehow become a bookmark person. Now I hardly ever dog-ear pages. And I’ve managed to use my daintly little Anais Nin mark without losing it. ha! (I’ve had that sucker for seven years without ever using for fear of losing it.)

8. I also have received numerous booklights over the years. I am decidedly not a booklight person. They are too heavy for the pages and the batteries barely last a page in them.

9. Having said that, I kinda want an LED booklight for my Kindle. Those look sturdy and light more than a few sentences. Plus they never die because they are powered by the Kindle battery.

10. I like to read books in French. And I like to read them out loud. To myself.

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16 Responses to Weekly Geeks: it’s all about books

  1. Staci says:

    That was so fun to read…I saw myself in many of your lists!! 😀

  2. jehara says:

    Izzy-I so feel you on the suspense books. I am a big cheating cheater too. 🙂

    I also probably spend more on books than anything else that isn’t food.

    P.S. I bought The Girl That Chased the Moon on my Kindle since you told me that. I am very curious to figure out which character you are talking about.

  3. Bumbles says:

    One other thing that your lists reminded me is that I love the ease and convenience of reading on my iPad. One thing we all seem to have in common – the perks of e-reading!

    Why didn’t we get to read Faith’s 10 bookish things?

  4. Margot says:

    Isn’t it amazing how much we are alike and yet so different. This was an excellent task. I’m glad we did it.

    Molly: I love your idea of reading one classic each year. I’m accepting that as a challenge. I’m going to get a list together and decide on my 2011 Classic.

  5. Sorry guys! You didn’t get my list of 10 things because I worked until 11:30 Wednesday night, and all day Thursday, and Thursday was asleep 45 minutes after I got home from work. Crazy week.

    So here’s my list now:

    1. There is a home movie taken of me when I was sitting on my little potty reading a large picture book. In the movie I turn my head, stare coolly at my father for invading my privacy, and then return to the book and turn the page.

    2. If I’m stuck in the bathroom with nothing to read, I will read the labels of the shampoo bottles in French and Spanish. I HATE having to go the bathroom at work, because there’s nothing to read.

    3. I love books on CD, as they make me much less likely to scream and make obscene gestures at other drivers during my daily commute.

    4. I’ve read the Harry Potter books a bajillion times. I don’t know precisely how many times specifically constitute a bajillion, but between the books on CD, my hardbacks, and the paperbacks I save for reading in the tub, I’ve definitely hit the bajillion mark.

    5. Despite that, I still manage to read a remarkable number of books. I go in phases. Like right now I’m on a makeup phase. So I’m reading Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin and the 5-Minute Face by Carmindy. Who knows what phase will come next, but I guarantee you I’ll burn through a dozen books or more before I go onto yet the next phase.

    6. I have a love-hate relationship with magazines. I love reading them, but I hate the pile-up that inevitably ensues. And I have tried reading some on my nook, and while I appreciate that there are no longer 6 inch high stacks of magazines in my bathroom, it’s still not as enjoyable as having them in paper format.

    7. Jane Eyre is my go-to book. I have also read it a bajillion times, and it’s one book that I absolutely must have in paper version at the house, because if I wake up at 2 a.m. and need to read it, it must be there. I can’t risk having my nook run out of juice and me being unable to read it.

    8. When I can’t sleep, I read. After I worked until 11:30 p.m. Wednesday, I went to the hotel room my husband so thoughtfully got me that’s about half a mile from the office. I tried to sleep, but couldn’t, so I read a book and a half before my nook ran out of juice. I read a book called Pawn, which was good and bad at the same time, and which I haven’t decided whether or not to read its sequel. I can’t remember the name of the other book, but it ended up being too romance-y, so I didn’t really like it.

    9. I keep trying to figure out why I don’t like reading romances. One could say that it’s because my own life is not really romance-y, so I don’t like reading it, but one would not be correct. True, my life isn’t really romance-y, but there are definitely bright spots. And my loathing for romance came about while I was still in my teens. It was after I finished reading Gone With the Wind and realizing that I had just spent several days reading about a thoroughly detestable heroine and hated her, and before I finished reading Les Miserables and proclaiming it the best book ever. So somewhere between those two books I got bored with romance. Not to say that I don’t expect books to be free of romance. Life isn’t, so why should fiction? But if the romance is the main purpose of the book, then it’s probably not the book for me.

    10. I like proofing books for Project Gutenberg when I have a little spare time. It’s a great way to easily do some public service and get more books available to more people more quickly. So if you’ve got a stray half hour here or there, go visit Project Gutenberg and sign up to be a proof-reader. You won’t regret it. And if you’re fluent in other languages, they definitely could use proofreaders for those languages. While I was studying French, I occasionally worked on a French book for a change. And now that I’m studying Italian, I may go work on any Italian books they may have.

    • izzybella says:

      hahahahaa!! I totally forgot about that home video. Ya’ll, it’s HIGH-larious.

    • Bumbles says:

      I’m glad your dad invaded your privacy – how else would there be such wonderful proof of a blossoming bookie?

      So you never rooted for Scarlett? I kind of admired her spunk and independence. I read that one in high school – my English teacher wanted a paper comparing 3 books to each other. She suggested I read Gone With the Wind, Andersonville and The Red Badge of Courage. I truly enjoyed all 3 books and the different perspectives they gave – but good lord, those first 2 are absolutely mammoth. I must not have had anything else to do for a few weeks while plowing through them. Most of my high school dates were with romance novels ;0)

  6. kaye says:

    fun lists–you are quirky girls 😛

    I’ll play
    1. My brain doesn’t have a shut off button so I like to 1) read, 2) listen to books, 3) watch TV, 4) dream.
    2. A quirky thing for me–when I was reading from paper books I would dream words scrolling across the backs of my eyelids and read while sleeping.
    3. Since I started e-reading my dreams have changed–I don’t see words anymore but the speech in my dreams takes on the language nuances of my current book.
    4. I read in the bathroom too.
    5. I don’t read while eating.
    6. I read while I rock the baby.
    7. I read while I’m outside with the kids.
    8. I don’t like to re-read. I’ve only re-read The Lord of the Rings and I had to re-read Harry Potter right before the release of the 7th novel. But that was because I had forgotten most of the details in her books.
    9. I read anywhere and everywhere I have to sit idle–hooray for the kindle.
    10. I like to read a book straight through start to finish without interruptions from other stories. So I’m not good at reading several books at a time. It confuses me. This year I’ve had 3 books going (War and Peace, a weekly book and my book club read) and I’m feeling very confused. But I don’t want to give up on any of them. How do you people do it?

    • jehara says:

      Honestly, I don’t know how I don’t get confused.
      I do like to have several things going because I am a moody reader. If I am not feeling x book right now, then I can pick up book y. But somtimes I gobble a book too fast to even have a chance to be in the midst of something else too. It just depends.

    • Bumbles says:

      Kaye – it is interesting that you bring up the multi-read topic. I used to read 4 or 5 books at a time when I was a kid. Did that all the way through high school and even into college – though then it was more with assigned reading and not personal choice. Then I stopped completely for several years and when I took up reading again, I could only focus on one at a time. These past few weeks I found myself reading 3 different things together. They are all very different – a non-fiction, a thriller and a young-adult. That has made it easier. But I do find I spend my time thinking about one while reading the other.

  7. Izzy, I also read Pride and Prejudice at least once a year. Also, I re-read Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple books in order of publication once in every two years.

    “I spend more money on books than I do on clothes, CDs, and movies combined.”

    Me too!

    jehara, I am such a bookmark person! I have a small collection of them.

    chauceriangirl, point 9 about romance, just how I feel about them. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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