Snoop Our Bookshelves – Izzybella Edition #1

I have a confession to make.  When I am invited to someone’s house, I snoop.  I don’t snoop medicine cabinets-I don’t actually care which prescriptions my friends are taking nor do I care what brand of toothpaste they might use.  I don’t snoop closets.  Should I meet Bluebeard, he can rest easy.  His secrets will remain properly locked up in his chamber.  No, I snoop bookshelves.  I want to know what my friends enjoy reading.  Do they like non-fiction?  Self-help books?  Mysteries?  Romance?  Paranormal?  Sports Trivia?  How-to books?  Biographies?  True Crime?  Fantasy?  Science Fiction? Manga?  Horror?  Historical Fiction?  Stories about family?  Stories about long-lost reconnected friends?  Stories about dogs and/or cats and why we love them so?  Ghost stories?  Why?  What draws them to those particular books?  Do they stack their books in piles with no rhyme or reason or are their books alphabetized and sorted according to the Dewey Decimal system?  Do they keep books in their bathroom?  In their car?  On their bedside table?

In a *scientific survey, the Quirky Girls were able to deduce that this particular habit was common to many a lover of books.  We decided it’s only fair to turn the tables-we will take turns revealing the contents of our bookshelves, either with pictures or just by sharing a favorite book in our collection.  As I am such an inveterate snooper, I volunteered to go first.  Rather than one specific review, have a peek at a couple of shelves…

Because everyone puts their paranormal collection right next to LM Montgomery

I have very little living space.  My bookshelves are literally in my closet edging out my clothes and now encroaching on my shoes.  Since I don’t have much space there isn’t a lot of logic to my shelving.  As you can see I love childhood classics (I have the entire LM Montgomery ouvre including all four volumes of her diaries-she was a prolific journaler), mysteries (the Amelia Peabody books are awesome), urban fantasy writer Kelley Armstrong.  The Tempest Rising book was something I won via contest and is signed by the author.  It’s also quite good and I’m happy to pimp it out!  There are books behind those books also-the Betsy Tacy series in its entirety, a few Aunt Dimity mysteries, some Agatha Christie books and a bunch of one-shots.

And that's not even all of the P&P stuff I own...

The contents of this particular shelf were dicussed a few book reviews ago.  The two books by Tasha Alexander are mysteries and quite well-written.  It’s another of those series featuring a strong assertive funny female entirely capable of handling her own affairs, thank you very much.  I’m pretty sure there’s a third out, but I haven’t gotten to it yet.  As for The Thirteenth Tale-it was actually as good as its hype.  The books up top are hardback graphic novels: Y The Last Man is a fantastic series set in a dystopian USA where our main character is quite literally the last man on earth.  Plenty of women, but alas only one man.  I was worried it’d be all skanky male fantasy but not so much.  It plays with the way we view sexuality and gender roles.  Plus the artwork is in a word brilliant.  The contents of the magazine holder include just a small part of my comic book collection.  I’ve stopped buying recently because it’s an expensive habit to indulge, but there is a twelve year old boy living inside me who thinks Wonder Woman is awesome, awesome, awesome, and is currently hating Hollywood for dumbing her down in the upcoming television series.

There are more shelves, even shelves devoted to plays Greek mythology and classics, despite the influx of pop culture I’ve just shown you.  🙂  But I’ll save those for another time.

How about you?  What’s in your closet?

*No actual quantifiable scientific methods were utilized; furthermore our “findings” (consisting of a general agreement that we’d all snooped at one time or another) have not been peer-reviewed.  Cite material at your own risk.

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13 Responses to Snoop Our Bookshelves – Izzybella Edition #1

  1. Kay says:

    I laughed at the “snooping the bookshelves”. My husband has told me more than once to quit scoping out bookshelves at friends’ houses. I tend to wander off into bedrooms and such looking for more bookshelves. I mean, I keep my books in many rooms – doesn’t everyone??

    Hmmm….Tasha Alexander has more than #3 book published, actually there are 5 out now. I’ve read them all and I love this series. No worries though – they will all be there when you get around to them again! LOL

    • izzybella says:

      Excellent!!! She’s a great writer. I actually “discovered” her on a yahoo listserv for Amelia Peabody. I bought the first one because I thought it was cool that list-mate was published and got the second one because she’s fantastic. 🙂 I think since today is payday I should book-shop…

  2. Bumbles says:

    It is nice to meet your 12 year old inner boy :0)

    I find the way people group their books to be as interesting as the books that they hold on to.

    • izzybella says:

      Hahaha!! My grouping has no rhyme or reason. Not sure what that says about me.

      Also my 12 year old inner boy just gave you that dude chin lift. S’up?

  3. Margot says:

    This was great fun – snooping with permission at your book stash. You are such an eclectic reader! So who is this Tasha Alexander? Kay (a librarian) has fantastic taste in books, so I know Alexander’s books must be good. Perhaps a future review of one or more of her books?

    Great job and good idea Izzybella.

    • izzybella says:

      Tasha Alexander writes mysteries featuring a strong-willed heroine named Emily. Lifted straight from her website,

      Emily’s desire to learn more about her late husband takes her to the quiet corridors of the British Museum, where, amid priceless ancient statues, she uncovers a dark, dangerous secret involving stolen artifacts from the Greco-Roman galleries. To complicate matters, she’s juggling two very prominent and wealthy suitors, one of whose intentions may go beyond the marrying kind. Her search to solve the crime leads to surprising discoveries about the man she married and causes her to question the role in Victorian society to which she, as a woman, is relegated.

      There are so many fanstastic characters in the first two books alone. I think I need to catch up…

      I will review you it just for you Margot! 🙂

  4. Oh, Izzybella, and this photo was taken *after* you hauled off a bunch of books to Half Price. tsk-tsk. I won’t tell you what’s on my shelf just yet because I’ll be posting that next time.

  5. Heather says:

    So fun! I’m the same way. I always check out shelves and if I can get away with it, I check out other rooms with books too! I’ve got them everywhere. Bedroom, computer room, nightstand, kitchen! I try every so often to organize but inevitably they end up in chaos due to more books being added and my 2-year-old son rearranging as well. This is a great idea! I may have to do a similar post on my blog!!!!

  6. jehara says:

    My shelves looked exactly like yours growing up. I had the same shelves in my closet with no other actual shelves in my room. So I piled all my books there. I found it very comforting to open my closet to rows and rows of books.

    • izzybella says:

      I think that’s probably why I always found your piles of books at your flat to be so comforting. 🙂

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