Hour 1-Hour 2

24 hr readathonPages Read This Hour: 0
Total Pages Read: 0
Minutes Spent Reading This Hour: books-0, blogs-45
Total Minutes Spent Reading: 0
Books Read This Hour: 0
Books Completed: 0
Total Mini-Challenges Participated In: 2-Intro Meme, Where in the World Are You Reading?
Minutes Spent Blogging/Mini-Challenge-ing This Hour: 45
Total Minutes Spent Blogging/Mini-Challenge-ing: 45
Minutes Spent Cheerleading This Hour: 45
Total Minutes Spent Cheerleading: 45
Items Consumed: 0
Well, I haven’t gotten much reading done obviously, if we are just counting books. I’m moving a little slow this morning. And my computer is frustrating me a bit. I have gotten some cheering done, and I’ve participated in the first two mini-challenges. I just put chocolate croissants in the oven for breakfast. I also have crackers and guacalome and mojo bars for later snacks. I will start my first book, The Peach Keeper, at the top of hour 3.
Happy reading!
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5 Responses to Hour 1-Hour 2

  1. Vasilly says:

    Congrats Jehara! You’ve won a read-a-thon prize. Go to the read-a-thon blog, look at the prizes on the prize page, pick one, then email me at the address there. Congrats again!

  2. Rhinoa says:

    Happy reading to you too 🙂 Your food sounds yummy x

  3. Margot says:

    Hey – You are off to a great start! It doesn’t get any better thn winning a prize right off the bat. Hopefully you’ll have a chance to do some reading this hour.

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