hour 13-hour 19


24 hr readathonTotal Pages Read: 666
Minutes Spent Reading This Hour: 4.5 hours
Total Minutes Spent Reading: 11.75
Books Read This Hour: Blood Brothers by Nora Roberts
Books Completed: 2, The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen and Blood Brothers by Nora Roberts
Total Mini-Challenges Participated In: 4-Intro Meme, Where in the World Are You Reading?, Book Puzzle, Book Club Recommendations, Midevent Meme
Minutes Spent Blogging/Mini-Challenge-ing This Hour: 30
Total Minutes Spent Blogging/Mini-Challenge-ing: 180
Minutes Spent Cheerleading This Hour: 0
Total Minutes Spent Cheerleading: 90
Items Consumed: chocolate croissant, a chocolate dipped peanut butter mojo bar, a glass of orange juice. hour 7-hour 8: crackers and a half a pound of freshly made guacamole from Whole Foods. That sounds like a lot of guac, but really it’s not. hour 15-hour 16: honey seared vegetables and tofu at pei wei.
I had to take a break from reading to accompany B to pick up his parents from the airport. We had a brief dinner at Pei Wei. Once I got back home, I switched back to reading mode and finished my second book. It is past midnight, and I’m feeling a little tired.  I’m going to give myself a reading break, perhaps do a few yoga poses and then do some cheering.
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One Response to hour 13-hour 19

  1. Rhinoa says:

    Awesome that you finished two books 🙂 Hope dinner was tasty. I had a sleep in the middle after Alex got home drunk and all role played out. Reading some manga to keep me going and about to grab some toast (it’s 9.10am here).

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