Review: Eat Your Feelings: Recipes for Self-Loathing

Eat Your Feelings by Heather Whaley: Book CoverName of Book: Eat Your Feelings: Recipes for Self-Loathing

By: Heather Whaley

Publisher: Plume Books

Copyright Date: 2011

Number of Pages: 240

Format: Non-fiction; cookbooks

Reason for Reading: It was marked down to $2.50 at the going-out-of-business bookstore, and besides, how can you resist a title like that? 

Rating: A

You Walked All the Way to Your Office Without Realizing Your Skirt Was Tucked Into Your Underpants Sesame Chicken

You will need:


. . . You hop on the train, smiling coyly to yourself and to the gorgeous men who are totally distracted and disarmed by you. At your stop, you prance out the door and up the stairs, fully aware that you have suddenly become the pied piper of men of all kinds. There’s the hottie from before, as well as a few notties and a slew of other fine fellows following you up the stairs.

Wait, why is this little old lady grabbing you? What could she possibly want? “Wha . . . ? My skirt is . . . what? Oh . . . Thanks . . .”

Jump into a taxi and head home. Once there, lock the door, shut all the blinds, pick up the phone, and order an extra-large sesame chicken from the closest Chinese restaurant.

For the next few days, check YouTube to be sure your indecent exposure wasn’t captured on film. Phew. Then check XTube . . . Damn.

Wear pants.

Whaley’s insane sense of humour and tasty recipes turn this into a deliciously wicked cookbook.  I totally recommend it, even if it’s not marked down to $2.50 at the going-out-of-business bookstore (and I really hope Whaley gets the full amount of her royalties even though I only paid $2.50 for it).  There are a few recipes I want to try, like Reluctant Breadwinner’s Quiche for Resentful Wives or Stay-At-Home Dads, ADHD Alphabet Soup, and Your Dreams Will Never Come True Hungarian Goulash.

Seriously? Awesome book.

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6 Responses to Review: Eat Your Feelings: Recipes for Self-Loathing

  1. izzybella says:

    Okay, that just sounds hilarious. I’d read it just for the funny.

  2. Bumbles says:

    Now that sounds like a cook book for moi. The running joke in my family is that I do not know how to boil water. Which was actually true until I went off to college. Lucky for me Andy does all of the cooking – probably lucky for him too considering the alternative. But I do remember growing up and flipping through my mom’s Erma Bombeck cookbook which was extremely funny. Seems I only took away the humor and not the skills. So I would appreciate this one very much. I’m not sure I’d ever actually make anything out of it, but it would be a fun way to pass some time in the kitchen watching Andy cook.

  3. Margot says:

    I love the pants/sesame chicken recipe. What a fun book. I love good humor in all areas of life including food. I have to find this book as I think it would make a good food book review for my weekly Saturday food posts on Joyfully Retired. By the way, haven’t we all had similar experiences with our clothing as the story you shared? I have although not to that extreme. I’ve also seen other people experience it. That’s probably why it’s so funny.

    • Faith says:

      I was the one walking through the mall, wondering why people were staring at me. See, I wasn’t so confident that it was my irresistible charms finally kicking in. And then this really good-looking guy came up to me, and told me that my skirt was tucked into my panty-hose, because I wore panty-hose in those days.

      I wanted to die.

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