Snoop Our Bookshelves – Molly Edition #2

Are you ready for a bookshelf peep show?

I’m not a huge owner of physical books. Most of the books I read come from the library or are passed on from my parents and then donated to others. But I do have an assortment of books that I decided to keep for an extended period of time.

Some of them are childrens books that were obtained during my Education degree studies. They live on a small bookshelf in our guest room where the kids of family and friends stay when they visit.

Some of them are music and sports non-fiction/bios/pictorials which live in a basket in our sports and music themed office.

Some of them are not yet in the rotation and they live in another basket downstairs waiting to be read.

But everything else not in a specific niche lives on the shelves of a big, sturdy, old bookcase that my husband, Andy, took with him from his parents’ home when he was in college and looking for a place to keep all those textbooks organized amongst the beer bottles. Here is a brief tour of some of the items you will find there today…

The book that has been on my shelves the longest…

This is 1 of my 2 favorite books. I stole it from my mother who had it from when she was younger. I like to re-read it every other year or so and the binding has worn out. I keep it held together with a stiff rubber band and turn the loose pages ever so gingerly. I like the musty smell and the yellowed look. A true personal treasure.

A book that reminds me of something specific in my life…

The first course I took for my Elementary Education major in college suggested that we all read this book. I was a bright eyed and bushy tailed freshman believing in all that was good in the world and how I could make a real difference with children. I have been working in the Financial Services industry from the moment I graduated. But a part of me still clings to that time and this book is a wonderful journey.

A book I acquired in an interesting way…

This is the other of my 2 favorite books. I didn’t know it was my favorite until Andy gave it to me one Christmas – he thought I had already read it. Until then I had only seen the movie and heard how incredibly close it came to the awesomeness of the book. Now I know. We saw the play a few years ago too. That made for a lovely trifecta.

The most recent addition to my shelves…

Other than a now battered copy of War & Peace that I purchased for a joint blogger reading series I did a year ago with Stacy, I haven’t added anything to these shelves. But my kitty Tedy is always checking for something new and peering over the top looking for some of those bookworms he keeps hearing about.

A book that has been with me to the most places…

For the longest time this book stayed in Andy’s Jeep in the event that we found ourselves on a random drive. It has been with us from early dating day drives to our honeymoon. Now it is on the bookshelf where it helps us plan our next adventures and gets packed to ride along in the rental cars.

A bonus book I think you should hear about…

There is an old Atlas that Andy found in one of his old apartments he rented. You can see it next to Tedy on top of our bookshelf. It goes back to the late 1890’s we think – the important page with that detail is MIA. It is wonderful because it is about as old as our current home so it is fun to flip through it and find out what the world was like for the people who built our home.

Format courtesy of The Bookshelf Meme.

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In addition to online Freelance Writing, Molly blogs about books on Quirky Girls Read and about everything else on The Bumbles Blog. Visit her often and let her know what you think! Unless you are a Yankee fan - then there might be a problem ;0)
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20 Responses to Snoop Our Bookshelves – Molly Edition #2

  1. I love learning the special history to your special books. This was an excellent post; thanks so much

  2. izzybella says:

    Love the photo with your cat peering over. That is too cute! I read the Tracy Kidder book years ago. It’s nice and idealistic, which makes me love it.

    • Bumbles says:

      Kidder has a way of capturing the essence of a situation – the goodness through the challenges – the personalities of the folks being profiled in a non-fiction/journalistic styled tale.

  3. Margot says:

    I like this way of sharing who you are as a person and as a reader in addition to a little bit about that wonderful husband of yours. We have lots of books in common, including Scenic Highways and Byways. The educational one is the only one I’m unfamiliar with but I’ll have to find it.

  4. Thanks for taking us on the journey of your favorite books. I think it’s pretty darn awesome that you snapped up your mother’s copy of Sound and the Fury!!!

  5. Mary says:

    I read the Faulkner book while in college and haven’t read it since – I should because it’s still on my bookshelf. I also read the Kidder book and loved it. I hang on to very few books as I rarely reread. I like to give ’em away 🙂

  6. kaye says:

    I enjoyed this little glimpse into your world. I think the books people read tell a lot about who they are as a person. Nelly at all about {n} has a regular friday feature where she hosts tours of bookshelves of other book bloggers. I think it is fun way to get to know people. Alas for me my books are in boxes–waiting for Mr. J to build me a bookshelf. Raising 5 children required all the space in our house to be used as bedrooms. (I think I packed the books away after child #3 was born). Mr. J is supposed to build that bookcase this summer and I think when I unpack those boxes after 30 years of storage it will be a bit like Christmas–because I’m not actually sure what’s in them. Pre-kindle I was exclusively a library gal. Despite being without a bookshelf I do have some books that I’ve had for umpteen years, my oldest is a boxed set of Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings”. My parents gave it to me for Christmas many years ago. When I get the book case I think I’ll post a bookshelf tour too.

    • Bumbles says:

      Wow – I can’t wait to take your tour! I spent many years with my books boxed up – moving from one home to another growing up and then from one apartment to another during and after college. I kept wondering why I was lugging all these heavy boxes around if I never unpacked them. It was fun to dig them out, open them up and weed through them. It is funny how tastes change with the added years – what I felt was save-worthy at one point quickly went out the door for donation at another point ;0)

  7. Heather says:

    I love peeking through your shelves! One day I want my own library room. I’m going through the process right now of organizing my books. I love physical books. I just love seeing them and being able to hold them. Though, I do have a Nook and have enjoyed that one too. I’ll have to share a peek one day too on my blog and leave a link here! Thanks for the peek, Molly. Oh, and Tedy is soooo adorable there on your shelf!

  8. stacybuckeye says:

    Love The Sound and the Fury copy you have. Makes me want to get a copy of my own. I don’t think I have anything that well read.
    War & Peace does take up a lot of room on my bookshelves 😉 Love TKAM and would love to see it on stage. Jason and I are Broadway junkies and since Gage has arrived we’ve missed some good ones here in Cleveland. One of these days I’ll trust Gage with a sitter besides his grandparents and we’ll get back to the theatre.

    • Bumbles says:

      The stage production was very well done. We saw it in Hartford which has a very intimate bowl seating with the stage in the center below everyone. Matthew Modine played Atticus which was interesting – he did a good job but it is so hard to see someone other than Peck in that role.

  9. Nolatari says:

    I always love peeking onto other people’s shelves, and this is a great way to do it! Love the meme so much I must do it myself soon. Far more insight than just showing an image of the shelves. Thanks for sharing!

    • thebumbles says:

      It was a fun format to think about and implement. A bookshelf is a bit of a mirror sometimes which is very cool!

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  12. Julie says:

    This was an awesome post 🙂 I need to go home and check out what is on our bookshelves and why they have meaning to me! Thanks for the inspiration.

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