It’s Tuesday: Time for Teasers

We love the practice of teasing others with snippets from our books. Here’s what we’re each reading right now:

Molly is reading Fall to Pieces: A Memoir of Drugs, Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Mental Illness” by Mary Forsberg Weiland w/Larkin Warren

“There’s an argument for being stubbornly unrealistic about your dreams. Otherwise they’re not dreams – they’re just ideas you had and then left behind.”

ChaucerianGirl is reading Clearing the Clutter by Mary Lambert

“When bells are used for space clearing they can dislodge stuck energy that it is hard to shift with techniques such as clapping. The clear energy sound field that is left will resonate in your home for a long time to come.”

Izzybella is reading A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies,” said Jojen. “The man who never reads lives only one.”

Margot is reading One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia

As long as Vonetta kept her fear to one shriek and Fern kept hers to biting Miss Patty Cake, I keprt on spinning straw, making everything all right. That’s mainly what I do.

I hope we’ve sufficiently teased you with our selections and you’ll want to know more. What are you reading these days?

For more Teaser Tuesday visit Miz B at Should Be Reading.

About Margot

I'm also known as Joyfully Retired. I love to talk. I love to talk about books I've read, movies I've seen, places I've traveled to, people (especially my children and grandchildren), and Food. On the Quirky Girls Read blog I'm trying to read all the books that have won the major awards and then, of course, talk about them.
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16 Responses to It’s Tuesday: Time for Teasers

  1. This blog is great because you all are always reading such different books. It’s so interesting to see them side by side. Thanks for sharing your teasers. If you get a chance, mine is here.

  2. These all sound good….thanks for sharing! I read Fall to Pieces awhile ago….fascinating!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    • Bumbles says:

      I do love memoirs. This one wavers between being totally engrossing and at times a bit annoying due to the fame and fortune world in your face all the time. But bottom line, it just goes to show that all walks of life are susceptible to addiction – having lots of cashola just makes it easier to feed it.

  3. Alpa says:

    I want to read one crazy summer.Hope you are enjoying it.

  4. Quite a few interesting teases. Hope you enjoy all the books.

  5. You quirky girls always have the best teasers! I particularly like Molly’s one from Fall to Pieces.

  6. pk aisle b says:

    All of the teasers are great from the memoir to my fave topic feng shui to the highly acclaimed Martin’s world of mystical warriors and lastly One Crazy Summer has me thinking back to my school girl days.

    Awesome picks ladies 🙂

  7. Christina T says:

    My favorite teaser is the one from A Dance With Dragons although I also loved the one from the Rita Williams Garcia book. I’ve heard excellent things about her writing.

  8. Powerful Teasers especially the one from Dance With Dragons. Interesting Teaser about Feng Shui. Bells are the way to do it, huh??? That clear piercing sound, I can see where it would clear out bad energy.

  9. kaye says:

    interesting books and interesting teasers. I’ve got to add that quote about reading to my favorite quotes. I loved it.

  10. Jessica says:

    Great teasers I simply love the one for A Dance With Dragons.

  11. Great books. Thank you for stopping by.

  12. Stefanie says:

    Great teasers, A Song of Ice and Fire is my favorite series, glad to know you’re enjoying it!

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