What kind of a series reader are you?

VA seriesThe day after I penned the book hoarding post, I found myself at Half-Price Books. I found books two through four of Vampire Academy. I also found the first volume of the Sweep series. So after much waffling over which books to go ahead and read already, I believe I am ready to start Vampire Academy. (This makes my sister insanely happy.)

Here’s the thing.

I can’t just read one. Books in a series are like cookies. I cannot just have one. As soon as I finish one, I need the next one right now. I usually won’t start a series if I don’t at least have the first couple of books within easy reach. Reading the first Harry Potter eons ago was torture once as I was ignorant to how awesome it was and only bought book one.  I wasn’t able to get to a bookstore for a couple of days and I daresay I got quite antsy about it. Earlier this year I read the first of the House of Night series (another book given to me by my sister.) I didn’t expect to like it so much so I gave no thought to the other books waiting to be read. However, upon finishing it I went a little mad getting myself to the library as quickly as possible and checking out every single House of Night book available.

So yeah, I get a little. . . obsessive.

Because I tend to blow through a series I tend to not review them, which makes me a little sad. There are some good series out there!! Series worth sharing and spreading the love about!!

When I read so many books together in a short space of time the books get all jumbled in my mind and I couldn’t really tell you what happened in which book. I can just tell you what happens, period.

Case in point: I still haven’t gotten around to posting my reviews for House of Night. And I have a lot of things to say about that one.

I am curious how you, dear reader, read and review series. Do you have the patience to read a book and move on to something else, coming back to that series at a later point? Do you give full reviews to series books or do you do mini-reviews? Or do you review the series as a whole?

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6 Responses to What kind of a series reader are you?

  1. Heather says:

    It’s been awhile since I’ve read a series and blown through it. I usually start a new series and it’s not even done yet…like Eragon (Inheritance Saga)…or I start a series and I don’t feel like I want to pick up the second one. But if I did read them all at a fast pace, I think I’d just review the series as a whole and maybe pick out the parts from the best book. I’d love to hear your thoughts on House of Night series. I picked up the first four books in the series and have been hesitant to start them since I’ve heard not so great things about them.

    • jehara says:

      My sister gave me her copy of Marked. I hung onto it for a year. She was very adamant that I start it already. She did say that the language is a little too teenager-y but if I could get past that the book is really good otherwise. Earlier this year, I finally started it. And I devoured it. The day I finished I went to the library after work and checked out every available book they had that belonged in the series. And I read up to the current book that was published in a week and a half? I bought Awakened on the Kindle and read that in a couple of days. I really like the series and I think it gets better as it goes along. I think the vampire premise is a different twist on the vampire myth. I also like the way they incorporate goddess myths. I’d say give the first book a shot and see what you think. It is a pretty quick read. Izzy and I have been meaning to do an interview type of post with each other in regards to House of Night as we both love it. One of these days we’ll get to it. 🙂

  2. Sarah/sawcat says:

    I’ve not written a review for a series book, atleast on one where multiple books in a series are already out. I did one for A Discovery of Witches, but the next book on the series isn’t out until next year. I have done little blurby type reviews for a shelfari challenge for a couple, but those were required for the challenge, and I might not have done them otherwise.

    Depending on the series, and how much of it I have at a time depends how quickly I read through them. The Sword of Truth series I read in three book increments, because I would by the three packs of the books. Percy Jackson I read straight through in a week, since I got the whole set at once. But the Outlander series I’ve been pacing more. Maybe two in a row, then a break.

  3. Staci says:

    A while back I checked out book 1 of Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. Needless to say I tore through that one in a few hours and went to the library immediately the next day to get my greedy hands on 2-9 (that’s all that was published at the time). So I totally understand how and why you need to have each next book waiting for you!! 😀

    • izzybella says:

      Oh, that’s a fantastic series! She cracks me up plus there are not one, but TWO, consistently dreamy men. This now leaves me curious regarding your feelings of Katharine Heigle’s casting as Stephanie Plum. Will you be seeing the upcoming movie?

  4. Gwen says:

    Your timing is perfect on bring this up. I just blew through all of the 39 Clues books this month. While not my usual genre, I happened to see the first one at the library and thought I would see what all the fuss was about. Opps, next thing I knew, I was traveling to multiple libraries and bookstores to get all of them.

    Series books are hard to review. It can become overkill and while, if they are good, you want to let people know about them, if you review them all, it gets to be a bit much. Depending on where my review is going to be published, blog or print/paper, I think it is important to point out the basics and if they can stand alone.

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