BBAW Wrap-up

BBAW 2011 badgeBook Blogger Appreciation Week has officially come to an end. Sad face.

As I am not ready to quite bid farewell, I would like to talk about the ways BBAW has inspired me. Happy face.

First, I discovered so many new-to-me blogs that I have filled up my book blog folder. I am very excited to start keeping up with all of these new and diverse blogs.

Secondly, there were several themes that I noticed in reading various BBAW posts. Many people mentioned Twitter. Even Molly mentioned Twitter in her BBAW post. I have never been able to get with it on Twitter. I find it to be very overwhelming and difficult to navigate. However, I do recognize that some amazing things happen on Twitter. Armchair BEA was created on Twitter. The Women Unbound Challenge was also created on Twitter. So yes, I am aware that great things can happen on Twitter. I’ve just never been able to stick around long enough to figure out this particular magic. But reading all of the odes to Twitter has inspired me to renew Twitter efforts in 2012. I know there were some posts that talked about ways to navigate Twitter more easily and I will use those as my guide.

Molly also mentioned in her BBAW post to think of commenting as leaving mini-posts. I really love this idea. I do struggle at times as what to say in my comments. And I have been known to write a long thought-out comment sharing a story or whatever the post inspired me to remember, only to delete it. Sometimes I feel a little self-conscious in my posting, especially on new (to me) blogs. I feel a bit vulnerable so I shy away in those less than brave moments.Β  Other times I leave pop-in comments. You know, those short little comments that let a blogger know you have stopped by. I don’t mind receiving those sorts of comments myself, but I do feel self-conscious at times even leaving those behind. So yes, I am admitting that sometimes I have a bit of commenting anxiety. I am inspired now to think of comments in a different way and to be braver in leaving them.

Another thing that several bloggers posted about was how they schedule their posts in advance. I try to do this on weekend mornings but I fail miserably at it. However, the rare occasion that I am able to write all my posts for the week by Sunday evening feel pretty glorious. It is a great feeling to know all the writing is done and my time is freed up to visit more. So although, I have not been so great at this in the past, I am going to renew my efforts at utilizing time on the weekends for this.

And finally, I just have to mention, it is always inspiring to see in full force the book blogging community for what it is. I really do love these events as it is a collection of book bloggers all in one place where they can easily be found and discovered. It is fun to read everyone’s thoughts on the daily topics and get a feel for who everyone is.Β  I enjoy the events for the provocation of thought and continual inspiration.

Thanks, Amy, for bringing us BBAW for another year.


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10 Responses to BBAW Wrap-up

  1. Erin says:

    I’m inspired to get more into Twitter, too! I think we need a support group for folks like us, so we can explore together πŸ™‚

    I loved the idea of comments as mini posts. Thinking of them that way has already made me feel better about my comments, and I find I’m writing more. As for new-to-me blogs, I often wait to comment until there’s a review of a book I’ve read or a non-review post (Sunday Salon, challenge update, a post like this one, something like that) to jump in. I think I tend to comment better on those types of posts, so I feel better about “introducing” myself that way!

  2. Same here! The posts heavily in favor of Twitter have convinced me to give it another try. It’s already paying off because I tagged Jael McHenry (the author) in a tweet I wrote about my review of The Kitchen Daughter and sh retweeted it! Now, I’m getting a lot of traffic to that review because of her tweet. Sweetness! Thanks for the good advice, everyone!

  3. Amused says:

    It looks like you learned a lot this BBAW and have found plenty to be inspired by. I think that’s fabulous!

  4. Michelle says:

    Jehara – I hope you are able to discover the joys of Twitter sooner rather than later! I adore it but find myself spending less and less time on it. Still, I can think of no better way to talk to someone, or throw out a question and know that you will get a response from someone in short order.

    I suspect that once you find that you start scheduling your posts, you will be come addicted to it. I hate not having anything written days in advance. In fact, I need to get reading so that I can have a few more reviews ready to go for next week! πŸ˜‰

  5. Kailana says:

    I always enjoy new blogs! I all ready follow more than I can keep up most of the time, but I still added more. πŸ™‚

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