Review: Demon Trackers: The Anointed

Bok Cover: Demon Trackers: The AnointedName of Book: Demon Trackers: The Anointed
By: CC James
Publisher: Red Rover Books
Copyright Date: June 2011
Number of Pages: ebook
Format: paranormal fiction
Reason for Reading: Full disclosure: CC James is a friend of Chauceriangirl. CG asked me if I would read and review. I purchased my own copy for the Kindle because a. it’s not expensive, and b. I wanted to support CG’s friend in that way. However, this in no way affected my review.
Rating: B

Jake and Cal Gillant are half-human, half-Anointed. Their mother is from the dimension of Karavel, where they were raised and trained alongside the other Anointed warriors. However, after an initiation gone wrong leaves Cal nearly dead, their mother sends them to the human realm to stay with their father, Henry.

While in the mortal dimension, they put their training to use and close up hell holes created by escaping hellhounds. They also fight demons and other creatures that most people think only exist in storybooks.  One night, Cal drops a bombshell on Jake right before they to go on a mission with their father. Jake is ready for the distraction of what is supposed to be an easy sweep and destroy. However, the boys are in for much more than they initially bargained for. Not only are their lives in danger, but those of the unsuspecting humans who live around them.

So wow! Not only is this book deceptively short (hey, I read it on my Kindle) but it is uber fast-paced and bursting at the seams with all kinds of action. Most of the story revolves around the mission gone wrong; however, James gives just enough information at the beginning to hint that there is much more to come. The epilogue frames the larger story and definitely had me asking the question, when is the next one out? (The good news, I don’t have to wait as it was released on September 7th.)

For such a short and action-packed tale, James manages to craft her characters fully. I had a very clear idea of who Jake and Cal were, even Henry. There isn’t much time to flesh them out, yet James manages to do so. Despite all the action, the strength of the relationships between the brothers and their father shines through.  In the short time I spent with them I grew to care about the characters and their well-being, not to mention my curiosity about their world intensified by the end.

My only complaint? It was too short!! I read this on the train and morning breaks only and finished it in two days. I was alarmed at how quickly the percentage bar at the bottom was moving.

Overall, it is a quick and fun read with plenty of tense, suspenseful moments.

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3 Responses to Review: Demon Trackers: The Anointed

  1. Paulita says:

    I haven’t started reading electronic books yet, although I can on my iPhone, but I think it’s funny that now you are watching the percentage bar to see how far you have to go instead of counting the pages. Progress.

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