Review: Demon Trackers: Banshee’s Cry

Book Cover: Banshee's Cry by CC JamesName of Book: Demon Trackers: The Banshee’s Cry
By: CC James
Publisher: Red Rover Books
Copyright Date: Sept 2011
Number of Pages: ebook
Format: paranormal fiction
Reason for Reading: I liked the first one and wanted to know what happened next
Rating: B

We return to find Jake and Cal on the trail of another demon. They run into Kilene, a friend from the dimension Karavel, who is also tracking the demon. However, they find a banshee, not a demon. The banshee infects Jake with her scream and now his life is in mortal danger.

Can Cal find a way to save his brother and get rid of the banshee before Jake dies?

The story is heating up. The demon Jake and Cal blasted away at the beginning of the first installment is back and ready for vengeance.  Jake and Cal once again find themselves in peril. Also, a bit of romance sneaks its way in.

This is a fun series.  The books are fast paced and full of action. So much happens in such a short space of time and yet, the threads are slowly weaving together the bigger story. Again, the book is too short.  Just as things are getting more intense, the book is over.


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1 Response to Review: Demon Trackers: Banshee’s Cry

  1. Staci says:

    Well, hopefully the author ties the story together in book three. I like books that are fast paced and full of action.

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