Readathon: hour 1-2

Readathon ButtonMinutes Spent Reading This Hour: 120
Total Minutes Spent Reading: 120
Books Read This Hour: The Adoration of Jenna Fox
Books Completed: zero
Total Mini-Challenges Participated In: the intro meme, book puzzle
Minutes Spent Blogging/Mini-Challenge-ing This Hour: 20
Total Minutes Spent Blogging/Mini-Challenge-ing: 20
Minutes Spent Cheerleading This Hour: 45
Total Minutes Spent Cheerleading: 45
Total Pages Read: 1.5 discs
Items Consumed: I haven’t eaten anything yet, although I have been drinking water. But! I do have pumpkin peanut butter chip muffins in the oven as I write this.
I have spent the morning picking up so my flat isn’t a wreck when my friend comes over later. I have also been doing some laundry and baking, all while listening to an audiobook. I am a new convert to audiobooks and I still don’t listen very often, but I am growing to love them more and more. I feel very free to be able to move around and get things done, but still enjoy reading. And because I’ve read the book before, I can still check in on twitter and do some cheering on blogs without missing anything. I can multi-task like that. 🙂
artemis image
Can you guess the book title?
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7 Responses to Readathon: hour 1-2

  1. Megan says:

    Pumpking peanut butter chip muffins? I think a few of those would definitely help me with my reading. Send a few over when they’re done, will you? 😉

    Using an audiobook to read and cheer at the same time? Brilliant!

    Keep up the great multi-tasking! =D

  2. Erin says:

    That’s exactly why I love audiobooks! You can totally be productive AND read at the same time 🙂 The thought of those muffins is making me drool! Have an amazing readathon!!!

  3. Darlene says:

    Good luck. The muffins sound awesome. Audiobooks are great when you want to get something done but still enjoy a book.

  4. Marquetta says:

    I wish I could get into audiobooks. I’ve listened to one book but it was a book that I’d already read, so it was easy to follow. Audiobooks is a great way to read while performing other tasks.

  5. Is the puzzle The Goddess Test? Great job! Thanks for playing!

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