RIP Challenge: Book 2/The Name of the Star

Stainless Steel Droppings is hosting the RIP Challenge again this year, and I have boldly chosen to accept this challenge. I always mean to, and I think I always end up reading the books, but never seem to get around to doing the reviews. Shame, shame!

The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson: NOOK Book CoverTitle: The Name of the Star

Author: Maureen Johnson

Publisher: Penguin Group USA

Copyright: ebook September 29, 2011

Number of Pages: 271 (nook edition)

Reason for Reading: I love Maureen Johnson. And check out the cover. That’s a gorgeous cover.

Grade: A+

“You picked quite the day to arrive, you did,” he said, grunting as he dragged the suitcases along. “Big news this morning. Some nutter’s gone and pulled a Jack the Ripper.”

I figured “pulled a Jack the Ripper” was one of those English expressions I’d need to learn. I’d been studying them online so I wouldn’t get confused when people started talking to me about “quid” and “Jammy Dodgers” and things like that. This one had not crossed my electronic path.

Needless to say, “pulled a Jack the Ripper” is exactly what it sounds like. Someone is recreating the murders committed by Jack the Ripper in modern London, and Rory, an  American attending a boarding school while her parents are on sabbatical teaching in Bristol, may be the only person who can see the murderer.

One of Johnson’s strengths is her ability to create characters who live and breathe, and those in this book are definitely no exception. Rory is very appealing as she adjusts to life in a boarding school for the first time, a serious crush on a very attractive prefect, a roommate she adores, and, oh, yeah–someone is murdering women in London.  Rory navigates everything with an air of befuddlement, but she also stands up when she needs to stand up. She’s definitely bff-worthy, to borrow a phrase from Forever Young Adult.

The story is very compelling, and it twists and turns. One or two twists I figured out in advance, but not so far in advance that it was frustrating. Others took me completely by surprise. And the ending? Wow! Can’t wait for the next one!

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4 Responses to RIP Challenge: Book 2/The Name of the Star

  1. jehara says:

    Is she making this a series?? This book has been on my radar for a while. I am looking forward to reading it. Oh! And I picked up The Last Little Blue Envelope at the library last week. 🙂

  2. I do believe it is a series. If not, Maureen Johnson would get a severe scolding from me about the cliffhanger!

  3. Kailana says:

    I am really glad so many people are enjoying this book. I am waiting for it to come in for me at the library!

  4. Wilky says:

    Did they make a second one?

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