HoN: Wherein Izzy and Jehara Get Their Gush On, Part II

House of Night book covers for Marked, Betrayed, and ChosenIzzy and Jehara have proclaimed October House of Night month in honor of the release of the latest book in the series on 10/25/2011.

Last Friday, Izzy and I posted the first part of this chat. We posted a brief summary of the first book, gushed about the strong female characters, expressed our dislike for certain male characters, and lamented the turn Dragon’s story has taken. We ended discussing Nyx’s policy of granting free choice and her frustrating rhymes.

Okay, so Heath. Because that is CRAZY.

jehara: Um yeah. And can I say NEVER liked Erik?

izzy: Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! However, I liked Stark from day one.

jehara: Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loooooooove Stark.

izzy: Erik is an actor. We both know actors are terrible to date!!

jehara: Most actors are not the best relationship partners.

izzy: But I love this, that she gets to be a girl and have lots of different boys. This one eternal soulmate thing when you are sixteen makes me crazy. Anyway, I like that she can fall in love with three different boys and it’s okay

jehara: Agreed. It is refreshingly different from boy meets girl and they are meant to be together foreeeveeeerrrrrr when they are barely at the height of adolescence. (Twilight, I am looking at you. But you are not the only culprit.)


Well, she’s learning so much about different types of love, and I’m not talking sex.

jehara: I like that Zoe is still a virgin. I don’t mind that teenagers have sex in books because it is true to life, but there are sixteen year old virgins out there as well, and they are friends with the girls who are having sex.  I also like how we watch her explore her feelings about how she feels about sex, when to have it, under what circumstances, etc. Again this is similar to Vampire Academy’s protagonist. 🙂

izzy: And that she owns it. It is not something that just happened in the back of some dude’s car-it’s a choice she very consciously makes.

jehara: True. Although I wasn’t happy with her choice.

izzy: Yeah me either.

jehara: I suppose I don’t like many of the male characters in this series. hahahah

izzy: I like Stark. Did I say that about six times? STARRRRRRRKKKKKKK

jehara: hahaha!!! YES!!! STARK!!!!!!!!!!!!

izzy: I kind of want to meet Erebus. Why have we heard nothing from this dude?

jehara: Good point. Where is he?

izzy: There has to be more than to him than candylicious man-candy for Nyx to love him so much. It means he’s more Stark-like than Erik-like. Even Heath, and I actually do like him, PISSES ME OFF. Dudes, when a girl says no, what she actually means is NO.

jehara: Yes, absolutely. He is likeable dude but also very annoying. I do have to say that I did think it was sweet that he didn’t have the same prejudiced reaction to Zoe as the rest of her friends did. Well, more than sweet. Refreshing.

izzy: Yeah, it surprised me-I thought for sure the Casts would go the “Zoe is now in outer darkness” way, which they kind of did, but it’s how she finds light in the HoN. I love how much joy just being there gives her. Oh and Stevie Ray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jehara: You read my mind!!! I was just about to say her name. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the relationship with Stevie Ray. I absolutely adore her. She is so refreshing. Also, more of a best friend to Zoe than her old one ever was.

izzy: I think she is a fantastic character. I love the way she mirrors Zoe in so many ways. Zoe has really good friends in this series. Even Aphrodite (WHY did she pick that name, ugh!)

jehara: Yes, Aphrodite is another favorite. I like that she starts out looking like another flat two-dimensional bitch character. However, there is SO much more to her than that. I really like the friendship that develops between Aphrodite and Zoe.

izzy: Actually, in general, I love the strong female characters the Casts write. Most of the women, even our villains, are strong and fully capable of taking care of themselves.

jehara: Now that you mention it, yes, the female characters are pretty awesome. Even Neferet in all her villainous ways.

izzy: I think the biggest doubt I got about her early on was at the end of book one. She was so cruel to Aphrodite. I mean, yeah, Aphrodite kind of deserved it, but it was surprising out of all the characters to treat someone so harshly. To be reprimanded so harshly in a public setting. That’s the first moment I really went “huh?”

jehara: From the first moment she interacted with Zoe something felt a bit fishy. I felt like she was a little too accommodating. I thought perhaps she suspected that Zoe may have had a meeting with Nyx. But I just may be overly suspicious of characters.

izzy: I just thought she was leeching on to power. Aphrodite had it. And now here comes this fledgling with a fully filled in mark. She had to be thinking “how can I use this????” I honestly think she wanted Zoe on her side to begin with until she started seeing the ways in which Nyx truly favored Zoe.

jehara: You are probably right. But once it became obvious she couldn’t control Zoe, she suddenly became the enemy.

izzy: Right. I think she was also jealous because even though Loren sucks toes, he still had genuine feelings for Zoe.

jehara: hahahahahah. Yeah. She has major jealousy issues when it comes to Zoe, especially because Zoe is so young (izzy: and so badass!). It kinda reminds me of Snow White and the queen with the mirror now that I think about it. She is jealous of youth.

izzy: Oh, good analogy!!! Okay, so prediction time. Where is this going?

jehara: Hmmm. I suck at predictions.

izzy: LOL! Me too. I predict Neferet’s going down. But that’s about as good as it gets.

jehara: Obviously good is going to eventually prevail over evil. But the casualties that will be inflicted? Who can say. I am really curious to see how Dragon’s role affects things now.

izzy: I would never have predicted the red fledglings ever. Not in a million years. I thought they were ghosts. And that was another affinity Zoe had, but a sucky one.

jehara: When people were coming back I thought they were zombies. But really they were more like the traditional vampires  we are familiar with.

izzy: Right, which was also kind of fun.

jehara: Which is another thing I think that is interesting in series that really turn the myth on its head like House of Night and Vampire Academy.

izzy: To turn around and embrace the myth!

jehara: You knew that I was going to bring that up again. hahah

izzy: Well, they have some similarities.

jehara: They definitely do, but they are also sooo different.

izzy: As someone who grooves on paranormal stories I can really appreciate the fact that these writers have so much fun stretching the mythology. I love the native American mythology woven through the Nyx construct. Because those myths are already existing it adds some familiarity to the storytelling yet keeps it fresh.

jehara: I have to agree. I think that is why I enjoy paranormal so much. I like it when the myths get turned upside down but are still familiar. I like to see how many ways a vampire story can be told. How many different stories can you come up with to explain this particular affliction? And I LOVE when mythology gets involved, whether it is familiar or created by the author.

izzy: I like it when it gets meta too. When they joke about that jerk, Bram Stoker, it kills me every time. I also like how Zoe sees the beauty in the story, but Neferet just makes fun of it. I really am liking how they are revisiting the gollum aspect also. It’s intriguing.

jehara: Oh yeah! I forgot about that!

izzy: It’s the difference between Nyx and the creators of the gollum. The gollum has no choice. She was created to love Kalona so she did. But Zoe had a choice. I hope that Nyx grants choice to Heath’s gollum too. So bottom line?

jehara: Bottom line: The series is an interesting take on the vampire myth. It may not be the BEST vampire series out there, but it is highly enjoyable with badass female characters, mythology, love triangles, and magic! Can’t forget the magic! I love me some magic in my stories.

izzy: I completely agree. Also, it’s fun to talk about. Plus exotic locales!!

jehara: Someone once told me that HoN was like Harry Potter with vampires. (because of the whole school thing). hahaha

izzy: LOL!!! Not so much, but good in its own way.

jehara: Exactly.

And here endeth our chat. Well, our chat about HoN ended. We went on to discuss Pride and Prejudice, the virtues of Firth as Darcy and Izzy’s excitement about the Rangers. So, I will end on RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (for Izzy)

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