Review: Magician’s Muse

Book Cover: The Seer Series, Magician's Muse by Linda Joy SingletonName of Book: The Seer Series: Magician’s Muse
By: Linda Joy Singleton
Publisher: Llewellyn
Copyright Date: 2010
Number of Pages: 295
Format: YA, paranormal
Reason for Reading: I read the first five books
Rating: C+

I read the first five books of this series all in one day on a weekend day in March of 2009. I was in love with the series and wrote a glowing review for the books. At the time, I thought the fifth book was The End. However, due to demand from readers, a sixth book was released in 2010. I picked it up at the library recently because I enjoyed the others.

The Gist:

Just when it feels like life is finally settling down for Sabine, her ex-boyfriend goes missing, her best friend’s boyfriend turns up dead, and Sabine’s current boyfriend is being threatened by a PI. Sabine sets out to find her ex-boyfriend and finds herself in more danger than she had bargained for.

My Thoughts:

I loved the first five books. I thought they were fun, fast-paced, enjoyable reads. However, this one fell a little flat for me. The characters seemed less fleshed out than they did in previous installments. I found Sabine slightly irritating at times with her melodramatic tiffs. Also, there wasn’t enough Nona, but there were some good doses of Opal, Sabine’s sassy spirit guide. However, I am glad I read it, if only to finish the series and get a little more of Dominic.

Last Words:

The Seer Series: YA paranormal stories with teens trying to save the day. Add in a dash of ghosts, some teenage melodrama, sassy spirit guides, and a tiny bit of romance with lots of action.

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2 Responses to Review: Magician’s Muse

  1. Kailana says:

    It sounds like it would be worth it to read the first 5 books in this series. I have never even heard of them before.

    • jehara says:

      I really did enjoy the first five. They were quick, fun, and enjoyable. Not sure why the sixth one felt a little off. I am curious about how I would feel about the first five if I were to re-read them today.

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