Review: Creation (Lifethread Trilogy)

Book Cover: Creation (Lifethread Trilogy) by L.J. CharlesName of Book: Creation (Lifethread Trilogy)
By: L.J. Charles
Copyright Date: 2011
Format: YA, paranormal fiction
Reason for Reading: to continue with the trilogy. (Source: I purchased it for the Kindle.)
Rating: B+

The Gist:

Shea has been tasked with creating “Greens,” the new breed of demons, in order to figure out how to uncreate them. On top of that, a mistake she made eighteen years ago has come to haunt her, and she has found out that Arlie, the former Clotho priestess-turned-part-human-and-demon, is now inhabiting her body. Things couldn’t get worse, but they of course do, once she and her priestess sisters are assigned to Carleton Prep, where a demon infestation has taken residence. There are more unpleasant surprises in store in this second installment of the Lifethread trilogy.

 My Thoughts:

The Lifethreads trilogy has stolen a piece of my reader’s heart. I immensely enjoyed the second installment. Shea is the youngest of the priestesses, which causes her to be the most insecure and uncertain of herself. There are plenty of humorous moments as Shea tries to talk herself down during  panic-inducing moments in impossible situations.

Because Shea is apprenticed to the Fate responsible for creation, the book delves more into energy, creation patterns, and DNA, which satisfied my nerdy science heart, although the science was very much on the superficial side. You will not find a deep dive into quantum physics of any sorts. Some cool things about being with Shea included learning about the way she connects with earth energy and what actually happens to her when she blinks out. Her struggle against Arlie and their little mind conversations was pretty entertaining as well.

The first book seemed to be a bit more balanced in terms of the presence of the other priestesses. They definitely took a backseat to McKenna, as it was her story;  however, they were imbedded firmly in the story. Perhaps it was because a big chunk of the first story all the girls were braving Tartania together. McKenna and Nathan felt removed in Creation, with Merritt only slightly less so. This could also be because Shea relates more strongly to Merritt? Creation was very much Shea’s, and by extension Arlie’s, story. I greatly enjoyed it, but I felt the lack of the other priestesses.

 Last Word:

A second installment that continues the fun, paranormal adventures of the Fated priestesses, focusing on Shea as the first focused on McKenna. I am looking forward to reading the final installation, which is all about Merritt.

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2 Responses to Review: Creation (Lifethread Trilogy)

  1. ds says:

    You do write an excellent review, Jehara. Thank you so much for the kind words you left by my window.

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