Book Review: D.C. Dead

Title: D.C. Dead

Author: Stuart Woods

Read by: Tony Roberts

Publication Date: 12/22/11

Publisher: Penguin Audio

Disclosure: I received a review copy from Penguin Audio. I received no compensation for the review, and my thoughts and opinions are strictly my own.

No quotations this time–it’s a little hard to review quotations from an audio book. Here’s the gist of the story, though:

Stone Barrington, attorney, and Dino Bacchetti, NYPD detective, are invited to investigate a year-old homicide and supposed suicide by the White House as consultants to the CIA. Barrington is delighted to find that he’ll be working with CIA agent Holly Barker. Immediately upon beginning the investigation, Bacchetti uncovers a clue missed by the FBI agents responsible for the initial investigation.

The two men visit some of Washington’s political elites, and there is more than one liaison with beautiful women. Will they solve the mystery that has been haunting the President and First Lady, or will they go home none the wiser?

My thoughts: Okay, first off, I didn’t like all the constant bed hopping. While I appreciate that Woods didn’t give the behind the bedroom doors descriptions (and trust me, I do appreciate it), I’m just not interested in people’s sexual trysts, nor do I particularly respect people who have sex with every available and interested party.

Then there was a HUGE clue given over the telephone, by a person of interest, to Barrington. As soon as I heard it, I knew who the murderer was. Barrington lied about the nature of the phone call and the message he was given, and I thought it was because he knew at that point that a particular person was quite possibly the murderer. But Wood dropped that clue into the mixture, and it was never once addressed again.

There was another side story going on, and I found it very distracting. Perhaps a long-time reader would have found it of interest, but it bore absolutely no relevance to the main story, and as such just didn’t seem to fit. 

Book Grade: C. Dropping the ball with that big clue, combined with the unrelated side story, dropped a solid B grade down to a C. I think Woods is capable of writing better, but this seemed to be kind of a cobbled-up sloppy job.

Audio Grade: A. Tony Roberts did a good job. I enjoyed listening to the story, and a lot of that has to do with his excellent vocal characteriation. Okay, I didn’t like the voice he used for Baschetti, but that’s purely subjective.


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2 Responses to Book Review: D.C. Dead

  1. Margot says:

    Excellent review Chaucerian Girl. I love how you told it the way you saw/read/heard it. My husband and I are long time readers of Stuart Woods. We’ve found his books to be hit and miss during the last decade. I don’t want to say he should [joyfully] retire from writing, but he needs to be more careful. Plus – whatever happened to good editing. Aren’t editors supposed to help their writers with this sort of thing? Stuart Woods has given us many hours of entertainment over the years and I hate to see him misstep in his later years.

  2. mary's bookclub review says:

    I picked this book for February book club and found it a bit different. Not much thinking was involved, a lot of sex, but not explicit. Too many referrals to Lobster Salad, gees. Dont real men eat steak?

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