Light Housekeeping + Impending Blogiversary!!!

The passage of time can be so surreal at times. It seems like we just rang in 2012 a week ago. However, we are nearing the end of the first month of this calendar year. With the arrival of February brings us to our one year Blogiversary!!! I still can’t wrap my mind around this. It feels like we just got started! Time flies and all that. . .

So! We have some celebrations planned to celebrate our first birthday. It will be a week of posts reflecting on our time here at QGR. We also will be hosting giveaways each day. We don’t often do them, but birthdays warrant gifts. In this case, gifts for you, our dear readers. Thank you for taking us under your wing, adding us to your reader, and making time to stop by each day and engage in thoughtful discussion. We appreciate you so much!!!

The Housekeeping Bits:

As we embark on this new adventure of challenge hosting, we have tried to make things easy for you, our beloved readers, to participate. You will find badges in the sidebars linked to the signup pages. As of right now, The Judy Blume Challenge is the only one linked. The others will appear as we get closer to their start times.

We have created a home for all of the challenges we plan to post this year in the header. You will find information about each one along with a multitude of badges to choose from to declare your participation. In addition, we have created a dedicated page for your Judy Blume Challenge reviews. We have also announced the Forever Readalong dates. Yay!




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