A Challenge Manifesto

There are plenty of challenges out there, well-established ones and new ones, that pop every day at A Novel Challenge. Challenges are awesome for many reasons: they foster reading as a social activity, it diversifies our reading, they are flat-out fun. However, sometimes challenges can create stress.

You may be ready to throw your arms up in protest. Jehara! Challenges are FUN! No way are they stressful! But here me out, first, k?

Signing up for challenges can form an addiction—a challenge addiction. We get so caught up in the fun of signing up for all these new and awesome challenges that sometimes we may end up with too much on our plate.

Once we lay out all that we’ve committed to, excitedly made our book lists or book pools, the reality sets in. That’s a whole lot of required reading we just signed on for. And now there are deadlines. Gone are the carefree days of picking up a book on a whim. Now we are pressed for time as we try to get all this reading in by a certain time and the reviews written and the challenges completed.

Well, not everyone may feel that way. But by a general consensus, us quirky girls have admitted to experiencing challenge-induced stress at one time or another. I, for one, have gone overboard in signing up for challenges. Part of the stress for me stems from the number of books I must commit to and the long length of time associated with most. I have discovered that I do better with shorter time spans.

We are pretty laidback here at QGR. We want challenges to be fun and no muss. The last thing we want to do is make anyone feel stressed out by reading. Therefore, our challenges are for short, focused time spans; the rules are relaxed; you can read as little or as much as you’d like. One book finished technically completes a challenge as far we are concerned. We like to add in little fun extras as a different way to participate. You are allowed to put in as much or as little as time allows.

We just want you to enjoy yourselves and have a little fun with us. No need to feel pressured like we sometimes do. 😉

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1 Response to A Challenge Manifesto

  1. kaye says:

    I hear you–I did myself in last year and am very reluctant to join any challenges now. Reading should be fun. I found most of the hosts and participants are actually so pressed that there is very little interaction between the participants. I’ve found I prefer the read-a-longs with smaller groups and discussion posts.

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