Window Shopping-Friday Book Lover’s Edition

On my own blog, I occasionally like to window shop.  I thought I’d share the window shopping love with my bookie friends.  Feel free to click on the link and buy one of your very own.  (Full disclosure: I’m not affiliated with this webstore.  I just think they’re nifty.)

Today’s window shopping is brought to you from Out of Print.  Enjoy a variety of vintage book cover t-shirts, in which you, a reader of books, can look both educated and cute.  Click here to purchase any of the items shown below.

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn





Pride and Prejudice





Pop Art Poe





Nancy Drew





The Wizard of Oz





Don’t want to buy a tee-shirt?  They also have:








Tote Bags





E-Reader Jackets





…and many other items of interest to a discriminating book lover such as yourself.

Now go forth and shop.  You’re welcome.




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5 Responses to Window Shopping-Friday Book Lover’s Edition

  1. jehara says:

    Those shirts are CUTE!!! I just got the Half-Price Books calendar last weekend. It is their fortieth anniversary edition and at the back it shows vintage HPB shirts. So want one. Will be checking this hop out too. LOVE your window shopping. I vote you do this at least once a month. Bookish items are AWESOME.

  2. jennygirl says:

    I love these shirts! They are so cute and I have a friend I can never find the right thing for. This is perfect! Thanks izzybella.

  3. Thanks for thee links — these are awesome (like the eReader covers) and bookbags.

  4. Kimberly says:


    A Nancy Drew shirt??? Dammit, you just cost me some money.

  5. izzybella says:

    LOL!!! I had coffee in my mouth when I drank this, darnit!!!

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