Wow! Happy Blogiversary!

I sometimes think I’m a bit like Russia the way Winston Churchill described her, “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” And I’m always trying to figure myself out.

Here’s a f’rinstance: reading, for me, is a very solitary activity. I’ll spend 2 hours in the tub, periodically refreshing the hot water, whilst reading a book I can’t put down even long enough to dry myself off, comb my hair, and get dressed.  If I find a fantabulous book, of course I tell my friends about it, and occasionally I’ll blog on my personal blog, chauceriangirl.  Otherwise, though, and perhaps this is due in part to how quickly I read (hint: damn fast), I go through book after book after book and will never mention the majority of them to anyone.  (Unless my besties are together, or my mother is in town, in which case we talk books like starving people talk about food.)

And still there’s that frustrated wannabe English teacher inside of me, who wants to share the books I discover with others. Enter Jehara, and her inspired QuirkyGirlsRead blog. Now I’ve known Jehara for quite a while now, and she’s one of my very dearest sister-friends. I felt very pleased to be included as one of the quirky girls, although not surprised, because quirky, hello, me, and have really, really enjoyed getting to be a part of this awesome group of awesome quirky girls.  It’s been nice, as Molly mentioned, to have a schedule to adhere to. That makes sure I actually do more than just read–I have to pick a book to review and share with you. And it’s also nice to know that in times of crisis, when I just can’t post, to know that the quirky girls have my back.

You may have noticed that virtually all of the books I have reviewed over the past year are e-books.  That turned out to be an enormous blessing when my house caught fire. In those first horrible days, I still had most of my books to comfort me, because they were on my nook (please, J.K., speed things up! I need to read Harry Potter again!). A little while ago, I succumbed and also bought an inexpensive Kindle, because there were some books I’ve been waiting to be available in nook format, and they weren’t and they weren’t and they weren’t. So my handbag is no less heavy than it was in the days when I would typically have two or three or four books stuffed into it, but it’s less bulky. Yay!  So my giveaway will be in the form of e-books, which will be nice because as soon as the winners are selected, the books will be right there in their email. Woot!

Thank you all, you wonderful readers, who’ve started this journey with us. I am excited about some of the events we have coming throughout 2012, our second year together as quirky girls, and hope that you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.


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3 Responses to Wow! Happy Blogiversary!

  1. izzybella says:

    and a nice variety of books you read too!! You really do not fit into one specific genre at all, my friend!

  2. Bumbles says:

    Excellent point – e-books cannot be destroyed! Well – aside from deleting them or dropping your e-reader accidentally in your tub ;0)

    Thanks for such inspired reading this past year – I am now anxious to know those thoughts you’ve been hoarding about all the other books you haven’t shared yet.

  3. Margot says:

    I’ve told many people about your experience with your ereader and your fire. Kindle/Nook should take that on as a selling point. I like your point about how comforting books are when something traumatic happens. It’s like having our good friends around us. I’m looking forward to hearing about the rest of your books this coming year. Happy blogoversery to you too.

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