A New World of Books

Are you ready for a little fairy tale?

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe. She had so many books she didn’t know what to do. She shelved them,  she stacked them and she piled them into cupboards. Finally she started giving them away – to friends and to the library. She also dusted them (eventually) and, of course, she read them.

The only thing the old woman couldn’t do with her books was talk to others about them. The old woman was happy with her books; they were her friends.  But – the books didn’t have mouths to talk outloud. It made the old woman very sad.

One day a lovely fairy godmother visited the old woman and offered her an option. The fairy godmother promised conversations about books with readers from all over the world.

The old woman was skeptical at first but soon discovered there were readers in magical places – places like Cornwall and Paris and Bruges and Australia and Arizona and Florida and South Carolina and Utah and Texas and even California. She discovered a whole new universe, and it was called BlogLand.

All it took was a miraculous little box and the old woman entered the new universe. She began telling others about the books she read and others told her about their books. Soon they were exchanging books and making long lists they called TBRs. The old woman smiled and “talked” all day with her new friends. And, of course, she  lived happily ever after.

Yes, that’s pretty much how I began my blogging journey almost four years ago. I truly love blogging on Joyfully Retired. It’s all because of the wonderful folks I now call my friends. When I had the chance to join in with Jehara, Molly, Faith, and Izzy to create Quirky Girls Read, I jumped at it.

We’ve had a great year looking at a wide range of books. A fun part is how we challenge each other as well as you, our readers. Molly challenges us to read the classics and I now have several sitting on my read-now stack. I loved reading The Hotel On the Corner of Bitter and Sweet along with many of you in last year’s read-a-long.

We have even more good stuff planned for the year ahead. I just started reading Forever by Judy Blume for a March read-a-long. I know Molly is going to challenge us to read more classics. And, I plan to lead us in another read-a-long in the Fall. (No book has been picked yet. Any ideas?)

It’s so rewarding to exchange thoughts on books  with all of you. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your thoughtful comments. Let’s keep it going for another year. Keep this old woman smiling.

About Margot

I'm also known as Joyfully Retired. I love to talk. I love to talk about books I've read, movies I've seen, places I've traveled to, people (especially my children and grandchildren), and Food. On the Quirky Girls Read blog I'm trying to read all the books that have won the major awards and then, of course, talk about them.
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13 Responses to A New World of Books

  1. Kay says:

    Margot, I’ve loved reading all the book stuff that you and the other Quirky Girls write here. Such fun. And, Happy Blogversary to the Quirky Girls!!

  2. JoAnn says:

    I loved reading this post. Happy Anniversary, Quirky Girls!

  3. Oh, what a great fairy tale, Margot! I felt the same way before I discovered Blogland…and now I can’t wait to get up in the morning and plug in! Happy Blogoversary!

  4. BermudaOnion says:

    I love reading your posts on here, Margot! You are a joyful blogger as well as retiree!

  5. Debbie says:

    You sound like me. However I am not yet retired but getting close. Keep on reading and blogging.

  6. jehara says:

    I love your creative take on an old nursery rhyme, Margot!!! Great post, lady! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Heather says:

    Looking forward to all you gals have in store for us this year!

  8. kaye says:

    I love your story–And I also enjoy visiting with my new friends that I met through that same magic box. I count you as one of those friends.

  9. jennygirl says:

    Such a sweet post! Brought a smile to my face. The goodness that we receive from blogging about books continues to amaze me. Great friends and wonderful people abound. Looking forward to 2012 with you all.
    Sorry no ideas on the read-a-long. It’s too early in the morning for me 🙂

  10. Staci says:

    I’ve loved your contributions to this blog. Ohhhh, you reading Forever, huh? I requested this book when I was a teen. When I went to pick it up my librarian wouldn’t give it to me because it was “dirty”! She called my mom to see if she knew what I was reading….and my mom said, yes, of course Staci can read that book! I can’t wait to see what book you pick…I will join your read-a-long for sure! Happy 1 Year!

  11. Staci says:

    Please check your spam box…for some reason my gravatar isn’t working and my comments go to spam!!!!

  12. Bumbles says:

    Imagine if books could talk to us? The stories they would tell between the lines…

  13. Louise says:

    Such a lovely post, blogging is so much more fun than I thought it could be. Glad to have met you out here.

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