No Review Today

I know, I know! I seriously owe you guys a review. And the lack of a review today isn’t due to a lack of reading. I’ve been reading like crazy. Well, until this weekend, when I watched 2 seasons of Criminal Minds just because I could.

I’ve read good books and bad. Although I have far less tolerance for bad books than I used to, so depending on just how bad it is, I might go ahead and archive it after page 7 just because I don’t want to read anymore.

And I’ve been stuffing my kindle with hundreds of free books, so my reading list is growing larger and larger every day, and my reading time hasn’t increased proportionally.

I’m currently reading Taken, by Charlotte Abel. I don’t like it, exactly, but I don’t hate it either. In fact, I was reading it in the tub this morning, which directly resulted in my being 15 minutes late for work. 

Some other books I’ve read lately, and recommend, are:

Dancing With Crazy by Emily Pearson. Born to Mormon parents, a poet/writer mother and a gay father, Emily Pearson grapples with her parents’ divorce, her father’s life among the flamboyant drag queens and vibrant gay community in San Francisco and his subsequent death due to AIDS, a new disease that was rampant in that community, and her own miserable marriage to a gay man. This is a really, really good book. (A+)

Jack the Ripper – Secret Service by Tom Slemen. This is a really fascinating take on the case. Slemen suggests that the Ripper victims were running errands for the Fenians and/or the Socialists, and that Marie Jeannette Kelley, the final victim, was actually a Fenian spy. Whether it’s true or not, obviously, there is no way to know. But the book is well worth a read. (A)

Sister Wife by Natalie R. Collins. I like Natalie R. Collins. This is the story of a woman whose daughter is kidnapped, and she knows by whom. Her attempts to rescue her daughter while being romanced by a cop intersect tragically with her upbringing in a fundamentalist Mormon sect. (B)

And, for good measure, here’s a book I hated and didn’t even finish reading:

Slander Hall by Matthew Tait. The sole survivor of a Jonestown-type fanatical group has revisited his old stomping grounds with a psychic and his documentary crew, only to find horrifying realities. (e.g., aliens, as far as I could tell before I quit reading. It’s the sort of book that I would have loved to have tossed into the bin had it not been an e-book.)  Yes, it was a free book, but some free books are expensive even at the price, based on the time wasted on them. I only wasted about 20 minutes on this one, and it was too much. (F-)

Until next week, when I promise a good juicy review, have a great day!

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1 Response to No Review Today

  1. Margot says:

    I have been going through the same thing. I call it book-fever. I’m reading like a crazy person but I have zero umph to write about it. The last three weeks I have forced myself to quickly write a review and rush back to reading. If my fever ever abates, I’ll have plenty of books to write about. In a way I hope it never ends but at some point I know I need to write.

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