Goal Check-in: Month One + February List

Image of books on February listLast month, I set out some reading goals, including making a reading list for the month of January. Well, I am here to tell you that my list has been quite successful. The first few books of the month I zipped through quickly the first week and a half. They were quite easy to choose as they were at the top of my list and I was eager to get to them. The only book I read that was outside of the list was Appetite for Reduction. The other six books I finished were on the list. And the seventh book of the month, which I am still working on, was from the list as well.

Having this list made choosing the next book SO MUCH EASIER. Having a small list, I was excited about my next book. I was eager to get going. And the intimidation I felt about starting the one chunkster on the list was mitigated by the fact that it was ON THE LIST. I did take a break from the chunkster to read a short YA book. But three weeks later, I am nearly finished with the chunkster and feeling quite accomplished. I still managed to get six books read during the month of January, which is more than five book average. So. I am feeling damn good about my reading this year.

Also, I am really happy with my genre breakdown. I read four nonfiction books of varying genres (cookbooks, pop culture, wedding planning, and self-help for lack of a better word) while steadily working my way through a nonfiction chunkster of history. I also read three YA fiction books. Two of the books I read were written by men. My source mixture was also varied: two review copies, one gifted book, three books recently purchased, two of which were Kindle books, one TBR book that has lived on my shelf for several years, and one library book.

I did carry over the books I didn’t get to from my January list to my February one. I have even started my March list. This is also helping me keep track of my challenge reads.

Verdict: The List is thus far successful at a) helping me keep track of my few reading goals and b) lessening my anxiety about choosing the next book to read.

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