Book Review: A Skeleton in the Closet

A Skeleton in the Closet (Kate Lawrence Mysteries)Title: A Skeleton in the Closet

Author: Judith K. Ivie

Publisher: Mainly Murder Press LLC

Copyright: April 1, 2009

Number of Pages: 232

Reason for Reading: The Kindle edition was free (IIRC), or else very affordable (as of 2/15/11, it’s $2.99), and it sounded interesting.

Grade: A

“The Henstock sisters have a skeleton in their closet,” she announced.

“Don’t they always?” murmured Margo, still focused on her computer screen, “and it’s the primmest old gals that usually have the wickedest secrets.” She giggled delightedly. “I can hardly wait. Let’s hear it.” She punched Save, crossed one elegant leg over the other, and gave MACK Realty’s third partner her full attention. I stopped making notes to myself at my desk and did the same.

“No, really,” insisted Strutter. She collapsed onto the sofa next to Margo and looked from one to the other of us wildly. “Kate, Margo, listen to me. There’s a skeleton behind a false wall in an old closet in the Henstock sisters’ basement. Literally. It had clothes on, or at least, it used to.” She clutched her briefcase to her chest and swallowed hard. “I think I’m going to be sick.”

Kate is really having a rough go of things. Her beau, Armando, is moving in and proposing marriage. Her realty company, MACK, is getting poison pen letters. Someone is following her, apparently with ill intent. One of her partners, Strutter, is keeping a secret.  And the Henstock sisters’ skeleton has disappeared.

My thoughts: I really enjoyed this cosy mystery. It is the third in a series, and I liked it enough that I have added the others to my ever-growing TBR list.


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One Response to Book Review: A Skeleton in the Closet

  1. Margot says:

    I love the low-cost kindle books. Free is even better. And when the book is good, I feel like I’ve won a prize. This one sounds good,

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