Book Review: Red Mist

Red Mist (Kay Scarpetta Series #19)Title: Red Mist

Author: Patricia Cornwell

Publisher: Penguin Group USA

Format: Audio Book

Number of Discs: 11 CDs/12.5 hours

Read by: Kate Burton

Grade: B for the book/A for the reader

DISCLOSURE: I received an advance review copy from Penguin Audio. I received no other compensation, and the opinions stated in this review are strictly my own.

I am new to the Kay Scarpetta books, and didn’t really know what to expect.  So my views may be quite different from someone who is a long-term reader of the series.

Basically Kay is in Savannah, Georgia, to visit Kathleen Lawler, an inmate at the Georgia Prison for Women. Lawler, when she was a young social worker, sexually molested Kay’s former associate Jack Fielding when he was in his very early teens.  Their daughter murdered him, and but for a fluke circumstance, almost murdered Kay as well.   What Kay doesn’t know is that Jamie Lawler, former lover of Kay’s niece Lucy, is pulling all of the strings, and manages to thoroughly entangle Kay in a series of murders.   There’s a malicious poisoner at work–or is there?–and Kay and her family are in fear for their lives after several suspicious deaths. Furthermore, Kay herself might just be a suspect.  Someone has definitely taken a lot of time and trouble to set Kay up to take the fall. 

My thoughts: There was so much backstory being provided that I found it a little tedious. And yes, I do understand that it’s necessary, in case someone (like me) who has never read the books before decides to start with #19 instead of #1. I knew whodunnit well before the denoument, although I will admit to being surprised by howziedunnit. And there was another plot twist that I didn’t figure out until just before the big reveal.  Did I like it enough to read another in the series? Perhaps, but I’m not sure, hence the B.

My thoughts about the reader: Kate Burton did a fine job. I had to look her up, and learned that she’s a Welsh American actress–daughter to Richard Burton. She has been nominated for 2 Tony awards, and won a Daytime Emmy award. She has an impressive resume. I enjoyed listening to her. If I were debating over whether to listen to an audio book, I have to say that her being the reader might sway the balance.

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2 Responses to Book Review: Red Mist

  1. BermudaOnion says:

    I just listened to this one and felt pretty much the same way.

  2. Emma says:

    I can’t remember the last time I listened to an audio book. This one sounds interesting though.

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