Window Shopping Friday-Book Lovers Edition 2

Today’s window-shopping comes courtesy of Bookwish.  From their website:

The books they wish for

It’s in our name.  We start with the wishes of the neediest readers and give them the books they want.  Specific subjects and often exact titles.  It’s the same way you read — choosing your books, not having them chosen by strangers.  We don’t accept generic book donations, but only seek the specific books matched to our readers’ needs.  What’s useful in a refugee camp might not be a best-seller in New York.

People in crisis

Refugees, AIDS orphans.  Having the right books can have a huge impact on their education and mental health.  They have so few resources to begin with and little hope of escaping their struggles.  If you have ever found comfort in reading a book, imagine the value of that momentary escape to a child who witnessed genocide in Darfur and is growing up in a refugee camp in a harsh desert.

All the tools they need

It’s not just a lack of books that prevents people from reading.  By giving reading glasses, supporting literacy programs, and providing lights where there is no electricity, we increase the number of people who can read each book we send.  We have even developed our own solar-rechargeable reading light so refugee women busy during the day with family responsibilities can attend literacy classes at night.

Click here to find out more about their literacy programs.  As usual, I am in no way affiliated with this website-I just think their organization rocks and their designs are nifty

First up, this adorable “Girl with Books” design can be imprinted on a tee-shirt or a tote bag.

Sigh…So many books, so little time.  This common sentiment is perfectly captured in “Book Tower.”  Options for imprinting include tee-shirts, pins, key chains, post cards…even postage!  Oh, the cuteness!!

Next we have a Victor Hugo quotation, “He who opens a school door, closes a prison.”  Like most of the others, this classic design can be imprinted on a variety of gifts.

This whimsical design gives me an Alice in Wonderland tingle…it would make a great shirt for the little girl reader in your life.

Now, go forth and shop.  You’re welcome.  🙂





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