Review: Justice (Deck of Lies)

Name of Book: Justice (Deck of Lies)
By: Jade Varden
Publisher: SmashWords
Copyright Date: 2012
Format: fiction
Reason for Reading Disclosure: I was given a copy for review; however, my opinions are my own.
Source: the author
Rating: B


The Gist:

Rain Ramey has accepted a scholarship to the prestigious Sloane Academy. It is a seemingly normal day that begins with breakfast with her family; however, by the afternoon of her first day at Sloane her life is turned entirely upside down. What she thought she knew about herself and her family has all been based on a lie. It is up to Rain to figure out the truth.

My Thoughts:

The premise is intriguing. It’s a different spin on the milk carton story without the milk carton. The story is told from Rain’s perspective at the end of the chain of the events, which makes the story one big flashback. The little nuggets that Rain would drop here and there from her future perspective bespoke of the other shoe dropping. The story moves quickly and a LOT of stuff happens.

I very much enjoyed the story. It’s humorous, there’s a mystery to be solved. Rain is determined to sort out the truth despite the lack of assistance. As a protagonist I liked Rain. She is determined and smart and flawed. My main quibble with her though is her behavior with the boys. She sort of just falls into dating with anyone who asks. There is clearly one guy she really likes. She turns him down because she is seeing someone else, which is cool. I get that. However, when that relationship goes bust, she doesn’t pursue the one she really likes. The guy she ends up dating happens very passively. She just allows it to happen. The guy is so pushy. He obviously doesn’t listen to her in the beginning, so she just allows herself to get swept up by him. I got mad at Rain then. I hope she comes to her senses in the remaining books.

One of Rain’s main flaws is her insecurity. Yes, she is thrown into an entirely different world when she goes to Sloane, and no she doesn’t fit it at all. That is extremely difficult for an adolescent. It would be difficult for an adult. One has to be really well adjusted to just roll with it and be yourself. Her actions make sense, but I still wished that she wouldn’t be so passive with the guys.

My favorite character is River. He is the one that jumped off the page the most clearly. He is mysterious and layered and I want to know more of his back story. Things are definitely not as they seem where he is concerned.

As I’ve stated many times before, endings and I do not often get along. I was enjoying the story, humming along, then there was a jarring, abrupt stop. However, this makes perfect sense for books that are in a series. I did NOT like where things left off, and I definitely want to know what happens next. The truth has not been entirely revealed. Also, I smell a set up.

Last Words:

A quick moving, intriguing spin on the milk carton story. A young woman stumbles into the truth that her entire life has been based on a lie. She seeks the truth of what really happened while navigating the surreal waters of being thrust into an entirely different society from the one in which she was brought up.

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1 Response to Review: Justice (Deck of Lies)

  1. Emma says:

    Are the characters named after River Phoenix and his sister Rain I wonder?

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