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Book Review: Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert

Title: Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace With Marriage by: Elizabeth Gilbert Rating: 4.0 Number of Pages: 285 Format: nonfiction, memoir Reason for Reading: I loved Eat, Pray, Love Publisher’s Synopsis:At the end of her bestselling memoir, Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth … Continue reading

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The Classic Bribe 2012 Challenge & Giveaway – Get Paid To Read A Classic This Summer, People!

Image Credit I have a passion for the Classics. Classic movies. Classic Cars. Classic Rock. Pretty much anything old school totally rocks my boat. So of course I am a fan of Classic books. I think more readers should be … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Confession

Author: John Grisham Narrator: Scott Sowers Publisher: Doubleday Copyright date: 2010 Pages: 432 Genre: Legal Thriller Reason for Reading: I love this author’s work Rating: A+ Award Won: Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction Summary (from the book jacket): In … Continue reading

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First Paragraph Tuesday

“You told him to meet you at the bar. All the girls were going after volleyball practice. You don’t think he’ll come (he doesn’t like your friends). But you wear the yellow top you think he likes, just in case. … Continue reading

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Book Review: Third Grave Dead Ahead by Darynda Jones

Title: Third Grave Dead Ahead Author: Darynda Jones Publisher: St. Martin’s Press, January 2012 Format: Hardcover, 320 pages Reason for Reading: Devoured the first two books in one sitting while on vacation, snapped up the third one at the library … Continue reading

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Book Review: Cut, Crop & Die

Title: Cut, Crop & Die Author: Joanna Campbell Slan Publisher: Midnight Ink Format: Kindle Number of Pages: 336 I had taken two steps toward the dirty dish cart when I heard a glass hit the floor behind me. I whirled … Continue reading

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Should Book Bloggers Work For Free?

So the other day, I was perusing the job boards. I subscribe to a variety of Freelance Writing sites and receive messages with links to all kinds of writing work. Usually they are things that I am not qualified to … Continue reading

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