Books Brought to you by NPR (and NYT)

I have to be honest with you, I haven’t had much time for reading lately. I’ve reviewed nearly everything I’ve read this year and now I am lacking in material. I am currently in the middle of two books that I haven’t been able to devote serious time to so they sit unfinished. I am working on finding time for some more challenge related baking so I can write the reviews that go with the SAA books I have finished. In lieu of a review today, I’m going to share some more books that I would like to get my hands on.

Image of Book Cover: How to be richer, smarter, and better looking than your parents

How to be Richer, Smarter and Better Looking Than Your Parents by Zac Bissonnette

I heard the author interview on NPR a few days ago and it intrigued me. The cheeky title caught my ear, but listening to the author talk about student loans and what life is like for students coming out of college, made me want to pick this up. Sometimes I forget that college is closer to ten years away. I’m part of the ‘a generation ago’ that Bissonnette refers to. I’m on pretty good financial footing so I’m not sure if I’d like to learn something new, but the author piqued my curiosity.

Image of Book Cover: Rather Outspoken by Dan Rather

Rather Outspoken: My Life in the News by Dan Rather

Before listening to this interview, I wasn’t very familiar with Dan Rather’s work. I knew his name, of course, who doesn’t? But I don’t watch news shows and it’s only been in the last couple of years that I started reading a national newspaper daily. Also, I didn’t start listening to NPR until mid-January of this year. All this to say that everything Dan Rather spoke about was news to me. I was fascinated and curiosity duly piqued.

Book Cover Image: The First 20 Minutes

The First 20 Minutes: Surprising Science Reveals How We Can: Exercise Better, Train Smarter, Live Longer by Gretchen Reynolds

This is not a title I heard about via NPR. I became aware of it in this past Sunday’s New York Times. I have been reading Reynold’s Well Blog articles with avid interest the past few months. She writes a lot about what living a sedentary life does to our bodies. Reading her articles has made me more committed to finding ways to combat the effects of my desk job. In short, her articles have freaked me out. I know sitting all day is bad for me. I can feel it in the way my body feels achy, and not in a good way. My body feels unused, I can literally feel my muscles atrophying, and guess what? That is exactly what is happening, not to mention a score of other unpleasant things. When I discovered she had compiled all of her research into a book? Yes, please. This may very well be the first exercise book I ever read. And according to the reviews, it’s not really an exercise book, per se. I can’t wait to dive in.

So there you have it. I may not actually be reading much right now, but I have plenty of books to look forward to in my future.

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