Book Review: Cut, Crop & Die

Product Details

Title: Cut, Crop & Die

Author: Joanna Campbell Slan

Publisher: Midnight Ink

Format: Kindle

Number of Pages: 336

I had taken two steps toward the dirty dish cart when I heard a glass hit the floor behind me.

I whirled around to see Yvonne’s hands moving across the table, searching blindly, knocking her plate and utensils to the floor in ineffective sweeps. I tossed the dirty plate at the cart and ran to her side. A wheezing sound rumbled deep inside her.

“Get help! Call 911!” I yelled to Dodie.


Kiki Lowenstein is really having a rough go of things. Her husband’s murderer is still out there somewhere. With Yvonne kicking the bucket at the scrapbooking event she and her employer worked so hard to organise, business is now down pretty dreastically at Time in a Bottle (“TinaB to those in the know”). Her 11-year-old daughter Anya has turned into a raging teenage hormone-fueled ball of rage. Her mother-in-law definitely has something up her sleeve (in addition to trying to get rid of the moles that have taken over her front yard). And Detweiler, the detective for whom Kiki’s developed a keen interest, has secrets of his own.

My thoughts: I “purchased” this book for a whopping $0.00. Always a good thing, unless the book is dreadful. But this one isn’t. It’s actually quite good. And yes, there are more in the series (this is actually the 2nd book in the series), and yes, they’re on my wish list at Amazon. This is the kind of book that benefits from being offered free, because it’s so good that you’ll definitely want to go read the others. Slan does a fantastic job of character development. My one quibble is that Kiki, once she’s done up right, is drop dead gorgeous. I guess I get a little frustrated with that trope, because how many of us would that really apply to? I dress up nicely and all, but am far from drop dead gorgeous. Nonetheless, I adore Kiki and her friends and her family and definitely her dogs.

Score: A+

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