First Paragraph Tuesday

“You told him to meet you at the bar. All the girls were going after volleyball practice. You don’t think he’ll come (he doesn’t like your friends). But you wear the yellow top you think he likes, just in case. Tell everyone you’re not drinking tonight, you have a paper to write. But really, you don’t drink. So be the lone sober with nervous hands. Laugh casually with your mind on the door and your eyes in front of you. Listen as the girls talk over each othr and fight for attention. You’ve never been too competitive, but you like the company. Forget for a moment you are waiting. Then remember. Make an excuse about having to pee like a racehorse and go upstairs to make the call.”

Leave me alone: Memoirs of an Exmormon

From: Leave Me Alone: Memoirs of an Ex-Mormon by B.E. Hewson

So what do you think? Sound interesting? What are you reading this week?

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4 Responses to First Paragraph Tuesday

  1. It sounds interesting….and quirky enough that I’m now quite curious. Thanks for sharing!


  2. kaye says:

    I wouldn’t read it, but if you have any questions to ask someone who is a mormon after you’ve read it–hop on over. I’d be glad to clarify. kaye—the road goes ever ever on

    • Thanks for visiting Kaye. I was LDS for 30 years, so I am pretty familiar with the faith. But anyone with questions, please do feel free to take advantage of Kaye’s offer, or you can email me privately as well.

  3. Staci@LifeintheThumb says:

    I would read it!

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