First Paragraph Tuesday

Tudor Rules: How Anne Boleyn Helped Me Survive High School

by Libby Schmais

I laced my stomacher tighter. In the past few weeks, I’d had no interest in food and I was afraid I was beginning to lose some of my feminine charms. I had to pull the velvet laces taut to fill in the bodice of my gown. It was of utmost importance I look my best tonight, the first time I would have to face everyone since my humilitation.

So what do you think? Sound intriguing to you? Something you might like to read?  If so, you can (as of the time and date of this post) find it at no cost at for Kindle format.

Tudor Rules: How Anne Boleyn helped me survive High School

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2 Responses to First Paragraph Tuesday

  1. Intriguing…the cinching of the laces reminds me of Scarlett O’Hara! Thanks for sharing…and yes, I’d read more.


  2. I liked that intro a lot, so yes I’d keep on reading:) enjoy

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