Book Review: Tempest’s Fury by Nicole Peeler

Name of Book: Tempest’s Fury

By: Nicole Peeler

Publisher: Orbit

Copyright Date: June 26, 2012

Format: paranormal fiction

Reason for Reading: to continue the series

Source: my Nook

Rating: B+

The Gist: Back of Book Blurb-Jane’s not happy. She’s been packed off to England to fight in a war when she’d much rather be snogging Anyan. Unfortunately, Jane’s enemies have been busy stirring up some major trouble — the kind that attracts a lot of attention. In other words, they’re not making it easy for Jane to get any alone time with the barghest, or to indulge in her penchant for stinky cheese.

Praying she can pull off a Joan of Arc without the whole martyrdom thing, Jane must lead Alfar and halflings alike in a desperate battle to combat an ancient evil. Catapulted into the role of Most Unlikely Hero Ever, Jane also has to fight her own insecurities as well as the doubts of those who don’t think she can live up to her new role as Champion.

Along the way, Jane learns that some heroes are born. Some are made. And some are bribed with promises of food and sex.

My Thoughts: The fifth book in the Jane True series whisks Jane from her home in Rockabill, Maine to London, England in order to fight a war she didn’t even start.  All the Jane True hallmarks are present: her witty, inconvenient and sometimes punny sense of humor, her sheer fascination with the world she only just barely discovered, her fierce loyalty and intellect, and of course, her raging libido.

Jane is something of a baby-seal, with her half-Selkie nature, her big black doe eyes, black hair and diminutive stature.  Constantly underestimated by others in the supernatural community, Jane’s task as Champion feels somewhat daunting.  After all, baby seals are cute and helpless, not scary and self-sufficient.  Luckily Jane has a badass supernatural ax with a mind of its own, and put together, Jane and her labrys are a rather formidable force of nature.  Besides being able to draw from the labrys, Jane is able to draw on her element, water, with a tremendous amount of ease.  Being on an island seems to agree with her and Jane’s magical proficiency continues to grow.  She’s starting to become the Champion she’s been asked to be.

The action in this fifth book is pretty much non-stop and the laughs come as easily as the thrills.  There was really only one-I hesitate to call it a weakness, but-weakness.  While it was exciting seeing Jane out of her element, I actually really missed the supporting Rockabill characters.  Jane checked in on them periodically, but I don’t think I realized how much her supporting characters contributed to previous books.  On the plus side, there is lots of dreamy barghest Anyan and plenty of new intriguing supporting characters.

The biggie here is the cliffhanger.  I won’t spoil you further, but there is a regular POOH-BEAR of a cliffhanger here.  Peeler provided plenty of clues and foreshadowing which enabled me to see it coming, but I was still hoping my suspicion would be proved wrong.  If the very thought makes you groan, don’t let that dissuade you from reading-it’s the kind of cliffhanger that raises the stakes for every single character and it left me breathless for the next and final book in the series.

The Bottom Line: Is it Summer 2013 yet?  Darn you, Nicole Peeler!!!!

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