What We Did Last Summer – The Classic Bribe Wrap-Up

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Faster than Usain Bolt in the 100 Meters, the summer season has passed us by. Which is always a real bummer for me. I love the pretty foliage here in New England and I can’t wait for my football Sundays but I know that the beach days are dwindling and that snow scraper is going to need to come out of the trunk in a few months. One thing that makes it easier for me to say goodbye to summer is by doling out a $35 Amazon Gift Card to one lucky blogger who entered The Classic Bribe Challenge & Giveaway here on Quirky Girls Read.

Nineteen of you lovely book bloggers rose to the challenge, linking up to your reviews of classic books that you read over the summer. That’s a few more than last year which makes me proud. Between you there were 136 different books read and reviewed – with 11 titles being covered by multiple folks. That is more than DOUBLE the amount of books reviewed during last year’s challenge. That shows some increased dedication and interest in Classics reading by you devoted folks!

The Classic genre encompasses all styles of literature. This was clearly evidenced within our challenge. I read reviews of Romance, Non-Fiction/Philosophy/Poli-Sci, Childrens Literature/Young Adult, Mystery, Historical Fiction, Adventure, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Horror, Poetry, Plays, War, Westerns, Humor and Fiction in general. The genre most reviewed, aside from General Fiction, was Mystery! This would explain why Agatha Christie was one of the two most read authors here. Charles Dickens was the other. There were chunkster epics, novellas and short story collections mixed amongst the standard length reads. I was entertained, educated and amazed by your reviews. I was pleased to see some of my personal favorite Classics titles represented and added many new-to-me titles to my to read list.

We all have our own methods for defining a Classic. This challenge is not about telling you what parameters a Classic falls into but rather, learning how we each make our own determinations. Our oldest Classic came from circa 150. Our most recent Classic came from 2006. They were both from the same genre…Science Fiction! The most read period was the 1900’s, with the 1800’s a close second. A smattering of books came between 150 – the 1800’s. Only 1 fell in the 2000’s. There were a couple of interesting collections within a specific genre that gathered writing spanning the 1800’s and 1900’s and in my opinion, that is a terrific way to sample the Classics.

Here is a chronological list by genre of the titles that were read and links to their reviews, if for no reason other than the fact that I like to make lists and see what they reveal.

















As for the winner of the $35 Amazon gift card, I conducted a highly official random drawing having my one-year old Son, Sammy, pick a number out of his silly birthday hat that he continues to wear around the house a month and a half after his birthday.

The Classic Bribe Giveaway Official Drawing

The numbers in the hat corresponded with the order in which the linked reviews were submitted on Mr. Linky, after weeding out the broken or incorrect links.  This year’s winner is….

Sammy’s Selection For Our Official Winner


Specifically, for her entry of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and the Damned.  As was the case last year, the person with the most entries ended up the winner. FBT submitted 28 different reviews. People, the more Classics you read and review for this challenge, the better your odds of winning the giveaway!  Keep that in mind for next year. Here’s a snippet of what FBT had to say about this Classic fictionalization of the author’s scandalous behavior with his wife during the beginning of their romance:

“Anthony and Gloria have got to be two of the most tedious characters I’ve ever read about. Honestly, everything about them wearied me to distraction and I often contemplated just giving up on the story. But, as per usual, I stuck with it – and even though they only annoyed me more and more as the story progressed, the end sort of made up for it.

And not just because I no longer had to follow their stupidity, but because… actually, that was the only reason.

I despise the end and all of its implications.”

I found it delightful that of all FBT’s reviews, a book that did not garner a lot of love from her is the one that ended up representing the winning entry! You see, FBT gave it a go. She stuck with it and found some bits that she liked. And a lot that she didn’t. But she didn’t let that Classic author’s glowing reputation alone sway her opinion, or make her feel that something must be wrong if she didn’t enjoy his work. She read, absorbed and reviewed. With honesty and insight. The best kind of a review there is.

I would like to thank all of you who joined in and hope that this challenge and giveaway encouraged you to read something you might not otherwise have picked up at this moment. I hope that you enjoyed the world of Classics and will return to them again on your own soon. The Classic Bribe will be back next summer right here at Quirky Girls Read. But please…don’t wait for next year before reading another.

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5 Responses to What We Did Last Summer – The Classic Bribe Wrap-Up

  1. FBT says:

    YAY! This is the best news I’ve had all week :o)
    I hardly ever win anything, and this is the best win ever because it was for doing something I love and I get to buy more books! I love reading classics and will continue to read them until my last day, and I look forward to reading the reviews above for some new inspiration.
    So, thank you to everyone involved and hopefully I’ll see you again next year.

  2. stacybuckeye says:

    Love that review! Sometimes I find myself second guessing myself when I don’t enjoy a highly esteemed author. Congratulations to FBT and thanks to you, Molly, for hosting again. You and Sammy are awesome.

  3. kaye says:

    Thanks for challenging us once more and congratulations to FBT!

  4. bzee says:

    Wow! Thanks for the challenge, it was great, can’t wait for the next challenge.
    Congratulations FBT!

  5. jennygirl says:

    I only read one and never got the review written so pooh on me.
    Congrats to the winner and I totally agree with her thoughts on Anthony and Gloria. Read this several years ago, and made myself stick to it, for a great payoff.
    Congrats and enjoy the gift card!

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