I’m Ba-ack!

Wow. It’s been a dang long time since I posted here, hasn’t it? It’s not for lack of reading, because I’ve read plenty of books, some good, some bad, most somewhere in between. I even wrote a short novella and got it published on Amazon. I’ve sold a whopping 10 copies, as of the last time I checked, but did give away 410 copies during the 5-day free period. So even though I won’t be getting rich anytime soon, it does feel gratifying to know that 420 people might read my book and like it.

I’ve found a favourite author, who writes under two names: Natalie R. Collins, and Natalie M. Roberts.

The Natalie R. Collins thrillers have strong Mormon or Mormon fundamentalist threads woven within them, and they are fascinating.  The first book that I read was Sister Wife, and even though at the time I was LDS, I recognized the good writing. Since then I’ve read all of her books, and love every doggone one of them. I contacted her recently, and said that I have only one complaint: she’s not writing them quickly enough to suit me.

These books include the following titles:

  • Latter-Day Secrets
  • Wives and Sisters
  • Sister Wife
  • Behind Closed Doors
  • Twisted Sister
  • Ties that Bind
  • Killer Instincts

Don’t read them expecting to see mainstream Mormonism in them, because you won’t find it. You’ll be introduced to some fundamentalist groups, as well as some seriously dysfunctional LDS families. Collins is excellent at building characters and drawing the reader into the stories. She’s one of those writers whose pages I turn faster and faster, because I’m so eager to get to the end, and then when I’m at the end, I want more.

The Natalie M. Roberts books are cozy mysteries about a dance teacher in Ogden, Utah. I believe there are only three titles out now.

  • TuTu Deadly
  • Tapped Out
  • Pointe and Shoot

Dance teacher/studio owner Jenny Partridge is just trying to make a living. But between psycho dance moms and deadly enemies, she’s finding that not only is it increasingly difficult to make a living, it is increasingly difficult to stay alive. Detective Tate is doing his best to help with all of Jenny’s problems, and Jenny finds him very hard to resist.

I have read all of these books, and have loved every doggone one of them. They’re all available in Kindle and a few of them are available in nook format.

Leave a comment and let me know which one you’d like to read, and whether you want it for a Kindle or a nook, and a lucky winner will be announced next week!

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2 Responses to I’m Ba-ack!

  1. Emma says:

    Congrats on your novella.
    I’d love to read one of Collins’

  2. Julie says:

    I will have to look for your novella ! Unfortunately I am not yet in the world of the e-reader 😦

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