Book Review: Death (Deck of Lies)

Name of Book: Death (Deck of Lies)
By: Jade Varden
Publisher: self-published
Copyright Date: 2012
Format: fiction
Reason for Reading: to continue the series (disclosure: although the first two books in the series were given to me free from the author, I purchased this book. Immediately after I finished the second one, I might add)
Source: Kindle
Rating: B

The Gist:

The revelation of Laurel’s killer only stirs up more questions, reveals more secrets, and prompts more lies.

My Thoughts:

The killer is revealed within the first few pages. And yes, it was who I had suspected. However, the revelation of the killer doesn’t bring a sense of resolution. It only brings more questions as yet another twist is revealed. Rain is down the rabbit hole again, seeking out the truth in the thicket of lies and secrecy.

I had noticed in the previous book that there were indications that Rain is telling this story at a later date. There were a few indicators of this in the first book as well, however, it didn’t really click until now. In Death, it is more pronounced that Rain is looking back on the events. This revelation heightened my interest. What happened? Why is she telling the story now? Who is this husband she refers to? Is it who I hope it is?

The third book provides more twists, turns, and secrets exposed. It was a fun ride and I felt like Rain was finally growing up a little bit. She is still prone to outbursts and impulsive behavior but her actions felt much more justified in this installment. I kept trying to put myself in her shoes and I really don’t know how I would have reacted in the situations she found herself in. I did admire her ballsy moves in the scarier situations.

Rain was born into a seriously messed up family. I look forward to finding out the following:

– how she gets out of this new scrape she’s found herself in

– the name of her future husband

– if the secrets surrounding Rain’s birth see the light of day outside the confines of the von Shelton mansion



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