Shanna Swendson is Back or YAY for eBooks!!!

About a year ago, I came across a book called “Don’t Hex With Texas.”  I am a Texan, so the title amused me.  I also tend to enjoy paranormal, so it was a pretty easy sell.  I reviewed it on my personal blog.  Here’s an excerpt:

…Small Texas towns have a certain flavor to them, and Swendson is terrific at evoking the atmosphere of Cobb.  She is equally deft at drawing the lines of Katie’s wacky family without descending into campy comedy.  The story unfolds in a wholly organic way, and though the identity of the mystery wizard isn’t exactly an enormous shock, the reveal is hugely entertaining.  If you must read the series in order, start with Enchanted, Inc., Once Upon Stilettos, and then Damsel Under Stress.  But if you aren’t able to read them in order, that’s okay.  If Don’t Hex with Texas is any indication, each book works fine as a stand-alone.

I was super disappointed when I found out that the series wouldn’t be continued.  Swendson left this advice to her readers on her website: “The best thing you can do to help make book 5 happen is to make sure all those people you got hooked on the series have moved on to the last two books. You can also keep spreading the word about the whole series and request the books at your local library (libraries will often pay attention to patron requests for books to purchase).”

So last week, I was doing my monthly “what new books are coming out” search on B&N and noticed a new Shanna Swendson.  Wha-what??!!  WoooHoooooo!!!!!  So the book has been purchased for my Nook (yay!!) and happiness ensued.  I thought I’d share…

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