Night School


Name of the Book: Night School (A Blood Coven Vampire Novel)

By: Mari Mancusi 

Published by: Berkley

Copyright: 2011

Number of Pages: 244

Source: Half-Price Books

Reason for Reading: I won lunch in a silent auction with Mari at a recent writer’s conference. She was so fun and delightful and gave me some great advice for my own YA novel that I wanted to check her books out.

Rating: A

So typical me, I happened to grab a book that is right in the middle of the series. It was on the discount rack okay! Fortunately it is written in a way that everything made sense without having any previous knowledge of what’s been going on.

I came into knowing it is about vampires (Says so on the cover) and the cover is dark, most of it black even, so I expected the writing to be dark and teenaged vampire antsy. Far from it. It is hilarious and witty.

The books follow twin sisters Rayne and Sunny. Rayne has already been turned into a vampire at this point, while Sunny is destined to become the next Queen of the Fairies against her will, because, yeah, their parents just announced to them that they are also fairies on top of everything else.

Sunny is the sweet cautious sister, who yearns to be normal, even though she has a vampire boyfriend, while Rayne embraces everything supernatural. Throughout the book, she jumps headlong into situations—most of them she causes—but it’s her love and devotion to her sister that eventually sees her way through it with laugh out loud humor such as:

Mom stands her ground, shoulders back, a fierce mama-bear expression taking hold of her usually serene, hippie-chick face. A trill of pride spins down my spine as I watch her stare the big, bad invaders down, ready to protect her cubs at all costs.

Yeah, take that, fairy man. My mom’s no shrinking violet.

“Princess Shrinking Violet?” the fairy addresses her.

Uh… Well, you know what I mean.  

I thoroughly enjoyed Night School. It was a fast light and fun read, poking fun at other vampire novels, admiring Buffy, and even taking on the sacredness that is Disney.

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Author of The Highland Sorcery Novels and The Demon Tracker Series. Being half human isn't so bad for demon tracker brothers Jake and Cal, especially when their job is keeping unknowing humans safe from every evil thing that crawls out of Hell. So what if the full-blooded Anointed don't think they're up for the task? Jake and Cal have lives to save and beasties to kill and lack of sleep, lack of weapons, and lack of trust from the haughty Anointed demon slayers won't keep them from it.
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